Friday, May 19

While the Cat's away...

Mr. Mary has run off to Cuba on another research trip for his book. Yeah, I just bet he's doing a lot of fact finding at La Floridita, The Tropicana and the Hotel Nacional. In the meantime, Mousetress Mary has stocked up on Squirt, microwave popcorn, vin ordinaire, take-out menus and lots of chick flick videos for a few days of neglectful parenting and obsessive knitting.
I even picked up the June issue of Vogue, drawn by the silvery top on the cover. I'll save you the $4: Silver acetate-and-polyester mesh top, $945; Maison Martin Margiela, NYC. I guess that acetate and polyester is harder to come by these days than $2 gas. On page 138, there is a cute woven grass basket from Crate&Barrel, $40, that has knitting written all over it. I would probably line it with some fun fabric to prevent snags.

Soooo, I'm flipping through Vogue and there's this spread, "What do you pack for your summer escape?" with the contributors' lists of exquisitely precious items from farflung and/or expensive sources. You know what's coming....
"For my frequent trips to my family's suburban backyard in Austin I bring a large can of Deep Woods Off, my Green Lantern t-shirt, the one bathing suit that sorta still fits, a dingy pair of Old Navy shorts, CVS waterproof sunblock SPF 30, a copy of "Take Me," by Bella Andre and a six pack of either Safeway Select Refreshe bottled water or ice cold Shiner Blonde."

I have good reason to hang out in my backyard--it's finally back to normal after a week's worth of stump grinding, tree removal, fence and sprinkler system repairs. This ordeal has yielded unexpected dividends: we now have a new spot for lanyard making and sing-a-longs at Camp Dystopia with custom chainsawed seats for Grumpy, Jumpy, Lumpy and Frumpy. Unfortunately, next door at Camp Wilson things went from bad to worse when this rotten old oak gave up the ghost in highly dramatic fashion at 3pm the other day.I'll admit it was practically impossible to repress my wicked glee when I saw this. OK, I'm petty and childish...I hang out with 2nd and 3rd grade boys for cryin' out loud and nobody got hurt.

Here's my progress on the Giotto shrug: I've finished the back and am now increasing for the sleeves. There's a lot of basic shaping involved and the double moss/seed stitch is fairly mindless. I know the dark color obscures some of the texture, but that will change with blocking and a light t-shirt underneath.
I joined Sundara's Petals Collection where 2 skeins of hand dyed sock yarn ambrosia shows up at your door. This is pure indulgence, especially since I haven't cast on for my next pair of socks. HPNY is not helping matters any when she posts all sorts of pattern and yarn links. We're actively mulling over the Team Sock Blog--I really need it because on top of all the new sock yarn, I'm finding new pattern sources. One of them is Dawn Brocco. I was intrigued by her Curvaceous Cable Collection which led me to her site. is what I've been reading while waiting for the boys to get out of school. Charting Your Way Through Heel Turns, Heels and Toes Gazette #14 and 15. Real page turners for us new sock zombies. The H&T Gazette has Turkish socks and a lovely Sherbet Stripe Socks pattern that I'll do with a variegated yarn. I really like the fact that she includes multiple sizes--very important for my honkin' big pontoons.

And now Mouseketeers, it's time for to sign off with today's yarnprOn:
A.L. de Sauveterre Estrelle cashmere,'Muench' and Sundara Yarn aran silky merino, copper on brown.
New and improved shots of last weekend's dye pot experiments.


aija said...

Thanks for the pr0n fix :) The Dawn Brocco sock looks really interesting.

Annie said...

1 - Mary, you absolutely crack me up.

2 - Despite having 2 knitting events this weekend, I would love to have a quiet day and chick flicks and non stop knitting and eyes glazing over from movie sap.

3 - The petal thing makes me want to cry. I want to belong SO BAD. *quivering lip* I have never had such sudden stash amassment. I'm still recovering and am having trouble focusing on current projects. See #2 above. I don't know how I can join this at this time.

4 - Thanks, I feel better getting all of this off my chest.

5 - Yep, still love that Tequila Sunrise dye job.

HPNY Knits said...

I L-O-V-E the A.L. de Sauveterre. I will get some (soon...) for a clapotis.
I can see the seats for Grumpy, Jumpy, Lumpy and Frumpy will be a great center for fun and picknicks!

HPNY Knits said...

or knitpicks...

lobstah said...

Hee hee so funny! I feel kinda sorry for the tree though! Maybe it couldn't take another day of Mr. Wilson?

Hmm...names for a Sock KAL...I'm wracking my brain. The Sock Flock? That's pretty cheesy. I'll comment again if I can think of anything good.

HPNY Knits said...

share in a group sock hug!
good one!!!!!

lobstah said...

Good name, much better that I could think of!
Let's be one big happy sock family!

Annie's Secret Pal said...

LOVE your blog! Interesting and lots of pretty pictures. I found it by following a link I found on my Secret Pal's website.

HildeC said...

I had a look at the color gallery at Sundara yarn. Those colors are so incredibly beautiful. I can understand why you joined in :-)

Bonnie said...

Oh you and your purty yarn!

About the mesh top you are right that acetate yarn sure is spendy, spendier than filling up a Hummer and joyriding for the heck of it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a pattern for that silver mesh top that Uma's wearing on the cover of Vogue? Also any ideas on the yarn used?