Wednesday, November 15

Reddy WIPs

I've given up waiting for Ty Pennington to march in and magically transform the spare bedroom from the black hole of Crapcutta to multi-purpose YarnCave Extraordinaire. I hit critical mass last week when I kept finding projects in one spot, the yarn in another and the original pattern somewhere else. Not to mention the piles of 'Real Simple' and knitting mags strewn about with a path carved out to the computer. I think I turned the corner after watching a show on DIY where a woman had some kind of intervention in her craft room with a clutter consultant--it involved throwing out masses of dusty dried flowers, a ton of baskets, copious tears and God only knows how many doodads and junk. So, here's where we stand so far: On the left is the practically empty YarnCave and on the right is my living room now housing all this....stuff. Luckily, Mr. Mary has bounced off to NYC on a business trip and I've got a couple of days to get this organized before strangers show up with a camera crew.
My dog, Archie, specializes in the onsite burial of plastic bottles, Crocs and underwear in our backyard. Now he has added Sundara sock yarn to his list.

This a boucle cardi that I knitted in Paris using La Droguerie yarn and pattern. Apparently, French women have smaller arms and torsos than I do. I, on the other hand, have a smaller brain for not realizing that the pattern would end up making a petite and not a plus grande Americaine. So, I have ripped out the ribbing and buttonband and will reconstruct it, adding a batik lining as the wool is a bit itchy for 'ol Scratchy here.

Ah, this little beauty is one half of my fingerless gloves made from A.L. de Sauveterre's cashmere in 'muench' colorway. All I did was knit up a rectangle using a slip stitch pattern and then ran the seam up on the the thumb side, with a 2-inch opening in the middle. Picked up stitches on dpns for a snappy red ribbing and now I have one warm hand waiting for its partner to catch up.
Here's holiday gift #1--woohoo! The cobweb frill was made with Artful Yarns 'Broadway'in Molly Brown and the scarf knitted up with a simple Turkish stitch using Classic Elite Inca Alpaca. I would not recommend using mohair for a cobweb frill as the stitches latch onto each other, but with a bit of gentle tugging it can be done. One down and about 5 more to go!

NEKO aka Sneako

Neko is a teenager these days and has taken to gallivanting around the neighborhood. I just found out recently that he spends most of his spare time sunbathing at the neighbor's pool next door, running up a huge bar tab and flexing his muscles at the other cats. He's getting a kitty pi bed for Christmas, but ONLY if he lays off the sauce.


HPNY Knits said...

so that's where you have been! the yarn cave. wow. well your living room looks like my bedroom... I need the lady who will throw away all my junk...
I love all your projects but the A.L. de Sauveterre's cashmere! oh baby!

Tanya said...

Hey! We have the same computer. I keep wondering when my table lap model of the iMac is going to crap out on me, so for both our sakes, let's hope the answer is "no time soon."

I have a "yarn part of the closet." So good luck on the yarn room. Looks good so far.

lobstah said...

Oh, the irony of the stacks of "Real Simple" in that room! Ha ha ha!
Cute projects one and all. And Neko is looking quite dashing!

Hilde C. said...

It looks like it's quite a job you've taken on with your spare bedroom :-) The fingerless glove idea is great! After reading it, I imediately started to knit my own pair. Thank you for sharing the idea :-)

Garngamen said...

Hi Mary, That is a bold move, to redo the yarn cave, and I thought you were off voting ;-) I luve the fingerless slip-stich pattern, and that scarf, in close-up you can really melt into that cashmere, but turkish stitch? That is new to me. We have turkish crochet, but that is like a knitting needle with a hook. You Sneako looks beautiful! Nice to hear from you, and I'm glad you share you room fixing. I will dig into mine, any week now!

Zonda said...

Go you! Hope the re-organizing is going well! Lovely armwarmer there, I bet it is so soft, now hurry and finish your project so you can do the other armwarmer! ;)

The scarf/shawl is lovely too!

aija said...

Those wristwarmers are stunning! I love the direction of them, and of course the color. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

ooh, Neko is gorgeous.
You must have girlie cats lining up on your doorstep.
And I love your knitting too.