Saturday, September 1

Do Knitters Cheat if...

they buy this on sale, remove all 56 bobbles(edited from bobbins, believe me, they were bobbles) and dye it to look like this? And the knitter calculates that it would take about 10 skeins of something like Berroco glace, doublestranded, to make this top and would save at least $30 plus the potential doom of another WIP? You betcha, babycakes. I'm not so blatant as to tell people I actually knitted it myself. Now, that would be...really cheating.
Random Music
I downloaded this song because it keeps playing in my head. Now, I keep imagining that I'm in the Oslo airport with a raquetball raquet in my carry-on.
Colissimo Karma

I recently knitted this scarf as a thank you present for the nice lady in Pittsburg who called to let me know that she had the lost box that I shipped to myself from France in June. It's one of those long, drawn out stories involving repeated phone calls to an international courier service in the Bronx, veiled threats, and tracking numbers from 3 different couriers. It even became my Friday afternoon entertainment to call Jovanee at company X, hassle her, and then thank her warmly before hanging up.
It's a good thing I gave this a good soak before blocking. Sheesh, call the paramedics! The more I look at it, the more I think how good it would look with my winter coat. And I could always find something even warmer in the stash, something really practical for those Pennsylvania winters. Yeah, that's it, and I bet she doesn't even like purple.

Tranquility Stitch Jabot Scarf details:
Merino/silk handspun gifted to me by Angelina and I can't remember who actually made it.
Pattern: I cast on 3 times the number of stitches I wanted for the width of the scarf. I worked these stitches in tranquility stitch (Barbara Walker) for about 12 inches before decreasing down to the desired width. I then knitted up about 56 inches in stockinette stitch with a garter edge before increasing to final tranquility stitch edge.

Pear Chutney
A nice thing about having relatives with a ranch is that periodically they show up at your door with an 8 pound bag of hard pears and say, "We thought you might be able to do something with these..." Well, 12 jars later, I've got Christmas presents for friends and neighbors.

GGH Mystik, cotton/viscose

I have a thing for cotton/viscose blends. The warm weather friendliness of the yarn, the matte/shiny dressy casual feel and the rich colors. So, I spotted this at the yarn shop when I was on one of my periodic 'spot checks' to make sure they were keeping their inventory updated, their magazines/patterns selection current and their shelves in order. I saw the yarn and the yarn said to me in a low Barry White kind of growl, "Ooooh aaah baby, you gotta to snap me up, knit me up, ooooh aaah baby, Scandinavian colorwork, never going to give you up, oooh aaah baby, I know you need it girl, ooooh aaah."

What, you were expecting Harry Connick Jr.?


Lauren said...

I really like the stitch pattern you used for that scarf, thanks for sharing!

too bad it lost all its color on you!

Zonda said...

Beautiful scarf! I love the overdye of the now Bobbleless sweater! :) That cotton/viscose yarn is so soft looking!

Hilde C. said...

What a clever thing to do with the top, it looks so much better in the new color. GGH Mystik looks just wonderful, I love those cotton viscose blends too :-)

lobstah said...

Mmm...pear chutney sounds really good. Also lovin the look of that GGH Mystik--haven't tried that yarn before.

Batty said...

Yum, pear chutney.

And no, it's not cheating, it's just... creativity.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

How brilliant!!

sgeddes said...

I like the scarf - but don't think purple would work for someone in PA - better find something else for her!

Not cheating at all. Love the results!