Tuesday, September 4

Labor Day=DIY Day

Wow, guys look thinner when they raise their arms. Who knew?
We went to lunch on Sunday(Java Garden all-you-can-eat Indonesian buffet for $8)and, since my SnB group was taking a break, we had the brilliant idea of repainting the boys' truckstop, er, bathroom. Oh what fun! Let's go to Home Depot and have the boys pick out a color. I wasn't surprised when they chose opposite/complimentary colors; 'Aquatic Pool' and 'Mango Madness.' (my genes control 50% of their brains and anything to kill the 1950's pale piss yellow/dead mouse brown tile)

Now, Big Mama gets a turn and chooses a nice bright red called 'California Poppy' to make sure the other two paints get along. Oooh, let's go check out the doors and see the dog doors since Chuy is so huge...uh, I thought I saw a guy around here somewhere...he was just here a minute ago...stop that!...you can kiss your birthday goodbye...please stop touching everything...Stop. It. Now...where's the cashier?...Oh, can you grab a bag of rags and some WD-40?

Wow, what a flashback and lunch was so good. Anyway, here's the result:
La Vida Loca Bathroom and Lounge

Sure, it needs a few touch-ups, like some cinderblocks and wood for stadium seating in the bathtub but there are outlets for a margarita machine and a boom box on the vanity. I've got Mark Ronson and Pink Martini on my i-Pod, what'll be?

I did decide to keep the purple tranquility scarf for myself. My winter coat needs a new friend. So, I cast on lengthwise for a scarf using some Diakeito 'diadomina' in color 305 that I bought in Harvard Square a couple of years ago when the RED SOX won the World Series. I won't fuel any fires, but you Yankee fans are at least 7 games out, right? I'm using the 'horizontal bat stitch' from Mon Tricot 800 stitches which reads as follows:
multiple 3+1
Row 1: K.
Row 2: *K1, sl 2 purlwise,* k1.

This yarn is 40 gms, 122 yds. 50%wool/21%mohair/29%nylon and puppy soft(as opposed to kitten-in-a-teacup soft, y'know) with a slight glimmer from the nylon. It is a striping yarn with muted shades of grey, beige, rust, and burgundy with a touch of eggplant. Now, that should make Pittsburg happy!

Yes, Chuy the dog is not quite a year old and he's bigger than my 9-year old.


Robin said...

Lucky kids! I love the colors in the bathroom. Talk about a vast improvement!!

sgeddes said...

Good to see Chuy id doing well - he's huge!

I love the bathroom colors. Perfect choices. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Pittsburgh scarf. Sounds like it will be perfect.

lobstah said...

Wow, I really like how the bathroom looks! Wild!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Funky colours! Totally awesome!! Fabulous yarn! Love Noro Silk Garden... Lucky you!