Wednesday, September 12

Yarnifornication: FO WIP LYS DIY LOL

Horizontal Bat Stitch Scarf aka Pittsburg Special
Diakeito Diadomina, just over 2 skeins
Size 13 needles
I cast on as many stitches as I could cram onto my 36-inch circs and knitted up about 5.5 inches. Knitting a scarf horizontally is always the most fun when you bind off because you're never sure exactly how long the scarf will be. This particular stitch didn't stretch too much because of the slipped stitches but I still ended up with an 8-foot long woolly python. All I need to do is feed it, wrap it up and mail it to the worthy recipient.Here's the progress I've made so far on the Komon kimono in Noro. The pattern stitch is dead easy and makes such a nice fabric. I'm working on size 10 needles, so it's going pretty fast. I can't wait to see how the second skein of this colorway knits up. It's going to be bright, but I don't think we're looking at "Mary & the Amazing Technicolor Kimono" or a reject from "Maude."

Austin is getting not one, but two new yarn shops this month. This has all of us fiber-lovin' yarnos in a tizzy. We're practically running around the room squealing like a bunch of 3-year olds jacked up on Mountain Dew and Charleston Chews. Um, some of us are still running around the room. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with the 2 yarn shops that already exist; each has their loyal fans and their loyal nonfans. Me, I've been quite happy with both (with a hearty side helping of internet yarnpr0n), but my friends would say that's because I'm highly impervious to most anything when in the presence of wool, silk, cotton and cashmere.

So, Gauge opened up last weekend with a party that included wine, beer, a dj, some spinners and Vickie Howell. I wasn't there, but my sources say she's even cuter in real life. I bet every knitter in Austin trooped over there last weekend for a recon, including my SnB group. Thanks to late Sunday hours, we able to squeeze in a spur of the moment field trip. There's Miss Renee fondling Vickie Howell, er, her yarn I mean. Robin and Ana got involved in some kind of competition over who had more projects in their bag while I was perusing the latest arrivals from Debbie Bliss. Luckily, there's a nice big table in the back room where this sort of wackiness is encouraged. This shop is only 10 minutes from my house, so I'll be excited to see their full inventory. Alison and Karli, good luck!

The Knitting Nest is in the process of opening and her blog gives updates about when she'll be able to process credit card orders. This shop is in south Austin, probably a 20-30 minute drive for me depending on traffic. The pix on her blog look like it's going to be another fun space, so I'll be wandering over there pretty soon.

The real question is: Roving? Batts? Spindles? Will Austin area spinners finally find a place at the grown-up's table?

Speaking of batts, my drum carder was politely asked to leave the living room.

I'll take door number three, Monty.

Who needs a tub/shower in the guest room when you can create your own E-Z Klean Karding Station and Fun Factory?


Knitting Ewe said...

When you go to The Knitting Nest keep your eye out for the Knitting Ewe on the Go project bags. They are pretty really cute - if I do say so myself - I made them! The Knitting Nest is the first shop to carry my bags!

Zonda said...

Hehe! Love the new E-Z area! I enjoy knitting horizontal scarves..the challenge is leaving enough for the bind off! Yours is very pretty! :)