Friday, September 7

YPF at long last

Go ahead, grab a cold one, and enjoy yourselves. It's back to school and back to YPF. Yee-haw!
Noro Silk Garden Lite, col. 2015
Yarn Place Graceful Lace Yarn, col.609246, 50 gms/903 yds

Diakeito Diadomina, col.305, and horizontal bat stitch scarf aka the Pittsburg Special

Recent additions to enhance my curriculum fabricae and a little something for the yarn to sip at happy hour.

My LYS had a one day sale on their new shipment of KFI yarns and that means Noro, bay-bee! I threw on my Katia Jamaica tank top(kind of like a press pass for knitters to wear something handknitted at the LYS) and was over there quicker than a duck on a June bug, only to find marauding girl gangs grabbing bags right, left, and center. There was one group that clearly met on a regular basis. You could just sense them sending messages telepathically like:

"Two o'clock, she's grabbing the Debbie Bliss and there's one bag left!"
"False alarm, she put it back. Hey, do you have this color? Do I need this color?"
"Who's that chick in the stripey tank? The top's cute, but check out her ass...has she got a doublewide or what?"
"OK, who's up for a Lizard Ridge?"
"Too hot. Nine o'clock, Doublewide's heading for the Silk Garden Lite. Let's go check out the colors in case we need to, ahem, grab them all."
"She can have it. I need more Kureyon to make Booga Bags for all my secret pals."
"Ooh, did you see what mine sent me this week? The cutest stitch markers from Entrelac. Hey, who's up for Tex-Mex?"

I managed to grab not only a bag of the Silk Garden Lite, but was able to pick all the skeins that started with the same colors. Veddy sneaky. I was ready to check out when I passed by the lace yarns and saw the Yarn Place display. Oh. My. It's 100% pure new wool, just soft enough, and there's enough yardage with 2 balls(1806 yds) to make any dang gossamer lace shawlski you could want. Oh, and the shopgal told me that the striping is very gradual. The other colors were more muted shades of light blue and beige.

I came home to see that the nice folks in the Amazon warehouse had gotten my order out. "Threadbared" is really funny and gives all of us former "You Knit What?" junkies a desperately needed fix of unspeakably ugly sweaters and snappy wisecracks. "Knit Kimono," is a marvel for all of us who are feeling rectangular. The front of the book is all about the history of kimonos with a handy template to design your own kimono. The patterns cover the various periods and styles, including the ubiquitous 'happi' coat that you see all over the souvenir markets in Tokyo. It may be me, but when I say "Knit Kimono" I also want to say "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" (I know it's Chinese, but still) and "Zero Zero Seven."

Such linguistic silliness did not stop me from picking out the Komon pattern(it's on the cover), and start swatching. The pattern calls for Berrocco Glace. I know that yarn and I love that deep deep red, but I can't stand knitting with it. I looked around and the Silk Garden Lite jumped onto my needles working its way up to a size 10 for a nice comfy gauge. So, this kimono is either going to look like some kind of ethereal homage to all things Japanese or else it's "SayaNoro, Fugsan."

Can you point out the big difference in thse 2 pictures? They were taken no more than thirty minutes apart. I need a shot of Soak or something stronger.


JulieLoves2Knit said...

Rain is good - go see what I grew!!
Love the new bathroom!

Hilde C. said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful colours! It sounds like you have been in quite a battle at the LYS, but it seems like it's been worth it. And who has landed in the garden next door?

turtlegirl76 said...

Mmm...noro. And that laceweight is purty too!

HPNY Knits said...

new house next to you? you need more of that lovely

Batty said...

Mmmm, yarn!

I was going to write more, but I always find it so difficult to think straight in the presence of beautiful yarn. Can't be the fumes, because e-yarn has the same effect.