Friday, September 28

YPF: Cash Iroha

Noro Cash Iroha, col. 80

Noro Cash Iroha, col. 80
I'm using this for the neckband on my Komon kimono.

Here's the back:
Twenty two inches of basically a 2-row pattern that includes a P3, pass 1st st over last 2. Purling has never bothered me, but that passing the first stitch over the last 2 is right up there with driving my kid to soccer practice during rush hour in 95-degree heat. At least, I have a dramatic piece in the making. As for Banditinho, I think we're in for the long haul.

Here's my Fortissima Colori, #4007, sock in progress aka SIP on a wine bottle. Straightforward sock, nothing fancy for Mr. Mary. This sock was a big hit at the Parents' Information Night at my kids' school. The father seated next to me leaned over and said, "Wow, that's nice. Uh, what is it?"
"It's a sock for my husband," I replied with a serene smile that barely concealed my pointy little teeth, thereby cementing my reputation as some kind of Luddite knitter, gift wrap sale hater and neighborhood crank.
Periodically during the meeting, I would pause and look up at the speaker whenever they said something relevant. The people around me would then pause from watching me knit and look up as well. I must improve on this technique to gain total mind control over members of the PTA. no more gift wrap more gift wrap more gift wrap sales

Later, this sock made it to a PTA committee chair meeting as I'm the Library Liaison, meaning I'm in charge of the volunteers who come in to help the kids and shelve books on a weekly basis. This time, I could clearly feel the power of the sock as the PTA president became more and more discomfited while I knitted more and more. no more gift wrap more gift wrap more gift wrap sales

Navajo churroI've been spinning up this black Navajo churro which is very grabby with a slightly rustic scent. Read: Eau de Ewe. I've got some in white as well thanks to the allergies of Miss Robincat. I'm imagining a felted bowl with Native American motifs or patterns.

I'm not sure if William Morris would have approved, but I love my new Jack Purcell sneakers.

Stay tuned for the latest from Tyvekistan!


Lauren said...

Behold the power of the sock! Maybe once you finish taking control of the PTA, you can move on to the world!

turtlegirl76 said...

Hee! I love the power of the sock. May no more gift wrap sales be mentioned!

Renee said...

Let me add to your chant - no more gift wrap sales, no more gift wrap sales, etc., etc., etc. (Sorry, I was channeling the King & I for a moment)

Dude, I am gonna seriously MISS our Sunday knitgabgirlfests. I will keep thinking horrible thoughts to the McMansion builders. See ya!