Friday, September 21

YPF: Habu

Habu wool stainless steel, silk.

My yarncave has become the location for a new reality show where my WIPs play survivor. I came across the Habu (attached to 8 inches of a cardigan back) yesterday and greeted it like a long lost friend. It is a long lost friend along with Sunrise Circle Jacket, a dark purple mohair jacket and a couple of summer tops languishing in a cabinet. Alas, one item got voted out of the cave:
Mork's Nightmare Sock from the Rerun Graveyard

This is a sock that I knitted FLAT. Just for the fun of it. Just to see if it could be done. I threw in the ruffle and the ruching just for grins. I seamed it up nicely and even crocheted the heel just to see what that would be like. There is a reason why you never see patterns for flat socks, crocheted heels or ruching on socks---they just don't work.

I couldn't bear the idea of just tossing it or frogging it. Sooo, it got stuffed and sewed up and tossed out of the cave and into the backyard. (Don't worry, Hilde, I've got plenty of yarn to make a proper pair.)

The backyard has become traumatized by the looming hulk of the McMansion next door.

There's nothing I can do about it, but fantasize about poison ivy, huge mirrors and voodoo dolls.


Lauren said...

Boo on McMansions!

That silver yarn is great.

turtlegirl76 said...

It'll make a great B&B someday I'm sure. Screw McMansions. I live in 780 feet and I ain't complainin'.


Love that stainless steel. I knew I should have bought that the one time I saw it back in DC last year when I first met Pam. *sigh*

Hilde C. said...

I'm not worried, I love the idea of making a dog happy :-)

Zonda said...

Cool picture of that Habu! I've only every seen it on the cone and online LOL!

Bummer on the McMansion..too bad you couldn't put up a huge fence to hide it..a real ugly one at that..well on their side ;)

sgeddes said...

Love the Habu, hate the mcmansion.

I'm not in Austin anymore - I didn't get out of the hotel at all. The only time I was even outside was waling to and from the airport shuttle.

Grace said...

Oh! Your beautiful garden! That's so sad =(