Friday, September 14

YPF: Mystical Creations

Mystical Creations cotton twist, "candyland"
Mystical Creations 10/2 tencel, "hisami"

I got a serger and look what happened:

McCall's M5390 skirt, retro cowgirl pin-up fabric from stash

Meet Texas State Trooper Starnes. He guards our front door and scares the bejabbers out of unsuspecting visitors and deliverymen. He's real polite, always saying 'yes ma'am' and 'no sir' when we have chats or offer him some iced tea. He's been steadily on the job for, oh I don't know, donkey's years and has some great stories. But when it comes to off-duty, well, Trooper Starnes has a little secret. Good thing we wear the same size.

adapted from Neue Mode J23310 skirt pattern, retro 60s print from stash

I made a simple sheath dress from this fabric a few years back. I had just enough yardage for a skirt that I zipped up with some lime green trim I found in the home decor section of Jo-Ann's. The fabric didn't drape as much as I wanted, so I rejiggered the seams to create the a-line. Now, where's my mojito?


Batty said...

I love those skirts! Beautiful work.

Zonda said...

Love the pr0n and those skirts!! hehe..double duty trooper there!

lobstah said...

Nice job on the sewing. That's something I seem to lack talent at! Quite a super trooper you got there too, he looks hawt!

Ceci said...

LOL, Mary you are SO wrong! (But I kinda like it.) Hey, I'm gonna take a day off end of Septemberish -- you going to be knitting??