Wednesday, October 3

Greetings from Tyvekistan

In my neighborhood, if you don't know the neighbors personally then you name their houses. There's the yellow house aka Marytopia, the yappy dog house, the dead magnolia house, the three ancient Volvo station wagons house, the rooster house, the Steelers fan house, the creepy old man house and so on. And now we have Tyvekistan, a hulking 4,000 square foot structure being built for three people; 2 adults, 1 child. Three people. And no backyard.

I will try to keep my rants to a minimum, I promise. I will try to channel my negative energy into something positive, something constructive, something that celebrates the indescribable beauty of life on planet Earth. Like planting more bamboo.

I'm just about done with the Komon kimono and it should make its FO debut fairly soon. In the meantime, I spun up this wee bit of laceweight from a wee bit of roving that was included in an order from the Black Lamb. It was good to get my hands on something smooth and slippery after going mano a mano with the burro, whoops, churro.

I have about 100 yds as single ply. Hmm, maybe I'll make a little hairband doodad with some cunning stitch from Barbara Walker. The color is almost burnt orange which brings me to...

Hey, sportsfans!

I grew up with a father and two brothers who marked the beginning of football season by having the TV on nonstop from September until after the Super Bowl in January. After we had grown up and moved out, my father set up a command center in the kitchen with one TV, 2 radios and the other TV in the living room all set to different games. The wall behind the TV was decorated with University of Texas Longhorn football memorabilia and pictures of my brother, a former offensive lineman for the Longhorns who played with Earl Campbell. Weekend visitors to this hallowed ground were admitted only if they(including my blessed sainted stepmother and the dog) understood the house rules:

1. No chatting, gossiping or 'girltalk.'
2. Drinks may be refreshed only during commercials, especially those involving the ice maker.
3. Telephone calls are forbidden unless you go to another room or you are absent and call after the big game.
4. Shouting and cursing is dictated by seniority; the younger you are, the less noise you can make.
5. Doorbells will not be answered--go to the back door and come on in.
6. Any personal, emotional, or financial issues will be addressed after the sports highlights on the local news and the Longhorns win. Otherwise, deal with it.
7. Never, ever, walk in front of the TV during third and long--this action could get you banned for life or seriously maimed at the very least.
8. Questions will be answered as deemed necessary; be prepared for stony silence and glares.
9. No jiggling of change in pockets, tapping of feet or any other irritating and repetitive sounds.
10. Shut up and watch.

I will be enforcing these same rules from my own kitchen command center this weekend when I watch the Red River Shootout and keep an eye on the Red Sox. Things could get real ugly around here.


lobstah said...

That would be driving me nuts, too. So rant away. I bet their poor child is all overweight, not having anywhere to play outside :(

We used to name all the houses in the 'hood too..."the people who have the giant poker party every friday", "the ugly yellow house with maroon shutters", "the snap-on tool truck guy". Hee hee hee.

entrelac said...

No offense, Mary, but please pardon if I AVOID your house like the plague until burnt orange season is over. ;)

maxine said...

I recently read an article on making beads with tyvek and a heat gun. I wonder how many you could make with just one tyvek panel. with construction scraps?