Monday, August 4

Summer Reading

Summer Reading, 2008

I list these in no particular order, but now realize that I have, um, diverse tastes in reading material.

Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Thirty-something NYC divorcee roams Italy, India and Bali in search of self. I was all set to hate this one but a good friend insisted that I give it a try. "At the very least, you can come up with some fun theme meals for each of the sections," she suggested. I told my brain to be open-minded and started reading. I had a couple of smirks in the first couple of pages and sailed through the rest. Gilbert's willing to laugh at herself while going solo on her own vision quest. And, yeah, I want to have a beer or chai or whatever with Richard from Texas.

Echo Burning, by Lee Child. I read a couple of his books on the plane to France and now I'm craving another. It's a 100 degrees here in Austin and it's going to be Fahrenheit 551 by the time one-man-destructo-derby Jack Reacher is finished with El Paso. Warning: lots of guns, blood, and all hell breaking loose.

Love Is A Mix Tape, by Rob Sheffield. Remember that college boyfriend who spent hours making the perfect mix tape for the next byob party in your ratty old studio with the crappy AC? He was cute and all, but you kinda wished he'd just STOP IT and get naked or something. Well, Rob Sheffield was that boyfriend in the 90s and he married that girl with the thrift shop clothes and funky hair. They were all over the alternative music scene, writing about it, getting published, hanging out in Charlottesville, VA and making mix tapes. And then she died. Sheffield writes a memoir that captures the essence of those times, the music and and his survival. Hey, I'm all fired up and getting my mix tapes put on disc--80's indie rock for me, baby.

Deathnote 3, by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. I don't have time to track this stuff down on TV, so I buy the books instead. I call these books 'snacks' because you can pick one up and finish the whole thing before you know it. I am fascinated and repelled by Ryuk, the Shininami death god.

Bangkok 8, by John Burdett. I know. Another violent thriller, but this one's got a buddhist cop. Consider this the love child of Elizabeth Gilbert and Lee Child or Christopher J. Koch and Dengue Fever.

Nasa/Trek: Popular Science and Sex in America, by Constance Penley. I was interested in the origins of slash fiction. Penley does a nice job of covering the history of Nasa and Star Trek and how they are not mutually exclusive. Her feminist perspective of slash fiction explains how this genre has flourished.

Wonder Woman: Love and Murder, written by Jodi Picoult. How cool is this? I just want to crank up Us Amazonians, sung by Kirsty Maccoll, put on a bustier and some bullet-proof bracelets.


Mes Accessoires Signes and La Droguerie's Babies (Creation La Droguerie). I picked these up at Le Bon Marche in Paris. The accessories are clever( gorgeous leaf scarf), the baby clothes should have adult sizes(kimono with flat ribs) and I love the colors. Tres chic.


Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet, by Padma Lakshmi. Ok, everyone knows she's the host of Top Chef, a model, and Salman Rushdie's former girlfriend. But her recipes are fun and not too Eurofusion. In fact, they're quite good. "Sea Scallops with Crushed Peanuts and Cucumber Relish" is next on my list.

Moro East, by Sam & Sam Clark. My DH picked this up when he was in London, but I'm sure it will hit the States pretty soon. Moro is one of my all time favorite restaurants in London (St. John is another) and I have the two previous cookbooks written by the Clarks. This one is based on their garden plot in the East End and their diverse plot neighbors--Turks, Cypriots, Greeks, with recipes influenced by all corners of the Mediterranean. I've been on a vegetarian binge lately and those recipes are truly stellar, but there's yummy stuff for carnivores as well--"pigeon salad with figs and pomegranates," "fish stew with yogurt and vine leaves," "squid, celery and preserved lemon salad." Be still, my growling tummy.


Patrizia's Adventures in Knitting said...

Eat. Love. Pray. - Read it prepared to really hate it but I ended up being way happy for the author even if she did get the fab guy in the end. And yeah, put me down for a beer with Richard.

As for the others, I am going to have to check them out. Hope you are having a fabulous ramp up to school daze.

Oh, go to my Ravelry page. I have some more FOs. I am a happy camper now.

Hilde C. said...

I see that it's not only the knitting that keeps you of the street ;-) I hope you enjoy your trip to Puerto Vallarta :-)