Wednesday, February 8

Blocked and Loaded

Cheers, my fellow Olympians!

I have finished dyeing and winding my yarn into tidy little skeins. Here's a little photo essay of the process:

Now, don't they look cute, all lined up for the opening parade?

I swatched up my Procion Mx beauties on size 11 and 13 needles, my reason being is that we're wearing shorts here in Austin and I need something lightweight. OK, the real reason is that I'm a lightweight and big needles guarantee that I have a pig's chance in a BBQ joint of getting this done. Oh, wait! Let me introduce the newest addition to our pantheon of Olympic teams. They're a late entry from Marc Jacobs, courtesy of the NYTimes:

It's the revenge of the 'Fantasia' funghi! Yes, Team Porcini plans to sashay off the catwalks and open a new production of "Best Little Sporehouse in Texas," coming soon to a bog near you.
Todays goals: design my KO project. Four little words make THAT sound easy, don't they? DESIGN: look at every pattern book I have and steal, steal, steal. MY: brutally admitting that even I, the Bitch Goddess of Travis County, may not be perfect (let's not bring up the brilliant 'why not try dyeing this batch in the Maytag?' debacle). KO: Knitting Olympics, enough said. PROJECT: ideas come cheaper than used carseats at a yardsale on Planet Mary, so we're going to have to do a little work in the execution and completion departments.
South Beach: Please refer back to top photo. See that bottle of wine? Yesssss, my sweeties, I was nippin' and swatchin.' And here's the promise of vinified delight from the label..."blahblah grape provides meaty touch, blahblah grape the chocolate notes, blahblah grape the joyful fruit and blahblah grape the red berry aromas.
Sounds like a meal in a glass to me.
Fantasy Fashion League: I am going to BURY those witches. BikeBoy aka Lance Armstrong aka the dumpee has pulled out as a presenter at the Grammys and all eyes will be on Sheryl Crow aka the dumper. Let's hope Mariah Carey uses a better stylist and not her accountant's niece in Far Rockaway.
Food: NYTimes has a feature on an Italian drink made with chocolate, cream and espresso. YUM. The name? Bicerin. Pronounced in English (bih-sir-in), this sounds like a painkiller for bi-polar disorder.

And now I leave you with one last shot, taken from today's Austin American-Statesman's Food&Life section. I tarted it up with the three remotes that our dog has chewed up. I think #4 is still buried in the yard. They're getting a jump on VD over there at the paper and have treated us to a chef smooching his wife with newborn pinned in between them.

Birth Control that repeats and repeats and repeats.......

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lobstah said...

Found your blog via your post in the KR forums. Just wanted to say your writing is cracking me up! And "Team Porcini"--priceless!