Monday, February 6

Dead Knitter Walking

I was going to finish Thing 1's braindead top down sweater and swatch during the SuperBowl but nooooooo.....

Al Lewis aka 'Grandpa' on The Munsters has died AND Betty Friedan. I found my National Women's Conference November 18-21, 1977 t-shirt (my mother was an attendee) and have it here next to the keyboard. I may have to go Goth today, which when you check out Betty and Al, is not a difficult thing. There, there...let's think happy! thoughts.
I was planning to watch the SuperBowl last night and swatch but Mr. Mary suckered me into trying a new recipe from the NYTimes. THE MINIMALIST; Rice, Lies and Videotape: A Celebration of Darkness 1/11/06. Now isn't that just PERFECT for today's knee-slapping, feel good, fun for the whole family theme I've been working on? Remember, this is T minus 6 days until the South Beach diet kicks in, so every meal around here is a big production.
The menu: avocado and tomato salad, grilled grouper with paprika sauce from "Casa Moro," by Sam&Sam Clark, grilled baby zucchini. I made the Stuck-Pot Rice with Yogurt and Spices....the idea is that you want the rice to stick to the bottom of the pot so it's all crunchy. I mean I do this to rice on a regular basis without any stinking ponce from the NYTimes telling me how. Basmati has not been my Mt. Everest exactly but more like Mt. Kilimanjaro--difficult but accessible, even Martha's been there. Result: the flavor was wonderful, but no crunch. I had made the perfect batch of basmati.Really perfect. Every grain was a glorious individual nugget of joy instead of the usual botched experiment. So, I had to deliberately overcook the rice on medium high heat to crisp up the bottom. I would have added a touch more yogurt, by the way, Mr.Bittman.

Dan the Mailman just dropped off a box for me! Let's peek inside..."Heirloom Knitting," by Sharon Miller(The Shetland Times, Ltd.) and "Stahman's Shawls&Scarves," by Myrna A. I. Stahman (Rocking Chair Press). Check out Myrna! 'Her knitting needles accompany her everywhere she goes, including the courtroom where she observes the attorneys she supervises." Beat them into submission is more like it but look at THAT shawl she's wearing...Mary do not go there. You will not, I repeat NOT, delve into lace patterns only days before the KO. But did you see the Mirrored Fern pattern on pg. 90(Miller)? Oooh, oooh there's an Elaborated Print O'the Wave pattern! Perfect for my 'Venus in a Halfshell' yet to be designed/swatched jacket for the Olympics! I could join Team Lace! No offense to Team Cuba, but I'm the only member and it's lonely here in the locker room--no towel snapping, high fives after a grueling training session, checking out Team Norway's colorwork, cracking jokes about the Sock Team's shoe sizes.
Get a grip, dear, and step away from the book...reeeeal slow.
The Seahawks lost by the way, so much for my Tricoter hunch.
This is when my next door neighbor called 911:

OK, my team, the Lonestar Bombshells, is in third place and I'll be damned if Fashionably Late and Desperate Housewife get the best of me. I made some trades on Friday and now I've got Mariah Carey(she's up for a gazillion awards), Gwen Stefani(always a fashion statement, exactly what kind I'm not sure) and Sheryl Crow heading into the Grammys. I'm banking Clooney for the Oscars. I'm psyched about Sheryl Crow because she's on the cover of Allure--in a wedding dress--and she just BROKE UP with Lance Armstrong!!!! Yes, just what I needed for guaranteed coverage--how can she not show up at the Grammys? This will be her big post-BikeBoy debut(think Hilary Swank at the Golden Globes). Oh joy....

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