Wednesday, February 22


The alarm clock announced 6:30 am a few hours ago. Children have dressed, breakfasted and been taken to school by their father who is now at work. I am alone with the dog in a quiet empty house for the first time in days. A long shower, a cup of strong coffee and a look at the headlines. I put the newspaper down and my thoughts turn to knitting and finishing up my project. I know I have a couple of hours to let the different yarns slide through my fingers into a steady rhythm with a slight change in beat when I switch from knit to purl. Maybe I'll listen to some music, watch a little TV or maybe nothing at all. Just the noises of the house, a car driving by, the dog periodically going out to bark at a neighbor's cat, the plastic dog door making a whump whump sound everytime he passes through it.

The phone rings and it's the school nurse, the third time in 2 weeks. The youngest child is complaining of stomach pains, no fever and would I like to speak to him? I reassure him that I'm on my way. I stop at the store to pick up nausea medicine, dog food, apple juice and for some reason, bird seed. He's playing quietly, resting, reading while I look for the Campbell's chicken soup.

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Bonnie said...

I know that plastic whump whump sound too! Hope your stomach ached one feels better soon.