Sunday, February 5

Hello, my cheeky little monkeys!
Yes, yes,YES I have joined the world of bloggers because......I fell for the Knitting Olympics hook, line and sinker. I mean, really, like I needed an excuse to buy more yarn, start ANOTHER project while so many UFOs languish in their random tote bags. As I get technically savvy I'll be posting pix of my WIP. Please bear with me while I return to my regularly scheduled programming.
Enough of my boring excuses for being here.
Is Tom Brady hot or what? I just caught the Super Bowl coin toss and thought, hmm... niiiice suit, Tom. I think John Madden needs to join me and the spouse next week when we start...gasp...the South Beach Diet. Only on Planet Mary would the Knitting Olympics and the South Beach Diet coincide in the same weekend. I agreed to do it just to make sure HE won't cheat (I, queen mother, have gone through 2 pregnancies w/o vino, martinis or cigs). For those of you who don't know, this torture begins with a 2-week detox phase of no sugar, carbs or alcohol or any kind. No Team Merlot for me....sniff, sniff.
Do you know what this really really means? Can you imagine the psychotic state I'll be in by the time we get to the figure skating semis? While Bode Miller is out there living La Vida Loca in the Olympic Village, I'll be chain chewing packets of Splenda and sniffing YooHoo.
Knitting Olympics History: Let's see where it all started...the original Athena/Arachne SmackDown. Many of you may have noticed the old school/new school dichotomy between the Steelers and the Seahaks. Well, boys and girls , this ain't nothing compared to the clash of looms when Athena and Arachne went mano a mano and rocked the world. Athena and Arachne were in the fourth quarter, Arachne was 4th and goalline when the goddess pulled rank and turned Arachne into a spider. So you Seahawks fans better move fast!
Thanks to The Knitting Goddess, by Deborah Bergman(hyoerion Books) for the inspiration.
I'm rooting for the Seahawks...Tricoter is in Seattle and Pittsburgh has.......?


Kaitie Tee said...

Welcome to blogging! Brady is definetly a looker! :-)

Anonymous said...

THE SOUTH BEACH DIET!!!!! YYIKESSSSS!!!!! My hubby and I are also going to start a diet.....we´ve been talking about it since after the holidays and will begin......uh, soon.........ANYWAY! Over here in the Old Continent, the northern euros are getting whacked by the turbaned arabs and it´s spiraling into a higher and higher level of NONSENSE!!!!! Anyway, I won´t get started unless some one here WANTS me to get started.......just one more thing for me to get on my soapbox for.........oooohhhhh, how I LOVE my soapbox!!!!!!!! Ciao for now, fellow commentarists, and I hope to read you again soon!

GAndyS said...

We are strong, we are knitters, we are Olympians! Go, go, go...!!