Friday, February 17

Knitter's Quiz and Friday Fun

I just doublechecked the blasted quiz and it works. If you have a problem, try this link and put 'knitter's quiz' in the search field.knitter's quiz So, I'm a little meme/html challenged--it makes me special.

Hey kids,
Looks like everyone in knitting blogland is a little behind and/or bored right now with their Knitting Olympics projects. I finally made some headway on the jacket and I'm working on the back. A cold front moved in and it's around 40 degrees here in Austin. Big deal, you say. Well, we had a record breaking 83 degrees yesterday and I had the AC on, so if this doesn't mean more sick kids, I don't know what does.
Anyway, let's goof off a little with some treats I've picked up on the internet. Yeah, yeah--been there, done that. But if you're reading this, then it's not like you're working or connecting with your inner domestic goddess or anything...
Your Birthdate: June 29

You have the mind of an artist, even if you haven't developed the talent yet.
Expressive and aware, you enjoy finding new ways to share your feelings.
You often feel like you don't fit in - especially in traditional environments.
You have big dreams. The problem is putting those dreams into action.
Your strength: Your vivid imagination
Your weakness: Fear of failure
Your power color: Coral
Your power symbol: Oval
Your power month: November
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Don't you love it? Who knew I had a thing for ovals? I have been more into coral lately...hmm, fear of failure? Join the planet, Skippy. On to other glimpses of our inner ganglia:

ColorQuiz.commary took the free personality test!

"Hopes that ties of affection and good-fellowship w..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Well, Color Me Beautiful, it ain't. My profiles are getting bleaker and bleaker by the moment.

Here's the link for one of those word cloud thingies where it scans your blog for most commonly used text. I think I should use more curse words with that one. And thanks to Lobstah for the Simpson's Personality quiz. I turned out to be Barney. This is going from bad to worse.
Let's find something a little more cheery, like "You're a sahm, lady. You've got sahm tattooed all over your forehead. You could have been a media pundit or a great chef, but nooooo. You had to knit!"
Boy, have I been watching too much Johnny Weir or what? Oh, here's a good one--the Celebrity Jailbirds Quiz.

Here's the treat you've all been waiting for:
My Knitter's Quiz!

Finally, some good news. Have fun!


GAndyS said...

The quiz doesn't do anything!

Mary, Mary... said...

Please try the link, really, PLEASE TRY the link and don't hurt me.....

Bonnie said...

Haven't had a chance to pop by in a while but I am feeling to lazy to take a quiz.

Glad to hear you are making progress on your KOs project. Mine is kaput. The trip really took away valuable knitting time but the rest and relaxation I got in return made it all worthwhile. (<---look at that run on sentence!)

Anywhoodle, I am claiming a groin injury like Michelle Kwan. It cretainly makes one wonder exactly how I knit that a groin injury would present such a problem.