Monday, February 6

Mr. Mary is sick today


This is a Cuban saying that basically means 'change the record, you idiot.'

Mr. Mary had a fever last night and is staying home from work today. My planet has been invaded by an alien. An alien who normally disappears at 7:30 am and returns around 6pm. I do not play well with others and I do not enjoy little alien interruptions in my busy domestic schedule. OK, thinking about my busy domestic schedule.

I was mulling over paying bills vs. sorting laundry OR taking one eensy weensy little peek at those lace patterns(unh-UNH, little missy!) when he thrust THIS into my hands(it's not what you think, you sick and twisted little buggers).

"Lamb Tagine with Peas and Tomatoes" from the Casa Moro cookbook, Sam&Sam Clark, pg. 226.

The picture is most enticing and you can actually see the steam. Too bad about that huge glob of fat in the foreground.
Amazing what Bayer aspirin does for evil little alien brains that are obsessing about their South Beach diet countdown. We went to London last year and ate at the revered Moro. Yes, I even have a signed copy--by the guy Sam. "I hope you enjoy the book." I would enjoy ripping out page 226 and .....the girl Sam breezed in later with a bunch of exquisite veggies and looked like she had a date with a sharp knife.

KNITTING: Just thrust a dagger in my heart, will you?
QUILTING: Well, I AM reading "Stash Envy," by Lisa Boyer--that counts for something, yes? I promise when the Olympics are over I will put more thought into designing "The Virgin of Guadalupe tells Dale Evans the real truth about The Village People." The fabrics are ready and waiting.....
SORTING LAUNDRY: Things 1&2 will be home soon from school. Hey, kids, let's play the 'sort the sports t-shirts into nice tidy piles and put them away nicely' game. 30 minutes of Star Wars Battlefront II for the winner!

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