Wednesday, February 8

My Yarn Boy is the Mailman

Oh joy! Dan the Mailman dropped off a special treat. The 2 skeins that I need to completeVK Holiday '05,#17 I made some changes, because that lace pattern made me very grumpy. I opted for a right twist, Yo combination. And then the front panel didn't look right, so I changed that to the cable/bobble that you can see in the photo. I hope those bobbles don't make me look like I have a litter of kittens, because I'm already sporting a bigtime mama cat pouch.

Here's the latest haul from the bookstore:
Do you see any design/pattern books there? I'm working on it.

I did have a serious powwow withLiz(Zimmerman), Babs(Walker), Jil(Eaton), Montse(Stanley) and the Glitter Twins, Laura(Bryant) and Barry(Klein). Liz kept chatting with Montse about her new book while Laura and Barry compared notes on TNNA. Jil was rather sullen after I made a crack about her 'Metro Vest' looking like protective gear for Iraqi bumblebees. Babs kept reading her tarot cards in hopes of getting a good sign for me--
tarot reading
Oh dear. Oh my. Babs, you just put back those cards and I'll get us all another glass of vino. Hey, Jil, I was only kidding...not about the hex, about that totally glam nightmare from Satan's needles vest! Speaking of vino....
TEAM PORCINIThose wacky 'Fantasia' bobbleheads have issued a statement via spokesman, Jens Gansehaut: "Team Porcini embraces all that is creative and cutting edge in the world of knitting and fiber arts. If that idiot hellspawn from Texas can't appreciate the deeper cultural and geopolitical significance of our work then we must be doing something right. Besides, we're not Italian. We are from Eastern Europe--can't you tell from the cast-on?"

Oh, Team Porcini, I wish you well......


Bonnie said...

Lovin' your blog and my best to Dan the Mailman.....he sounds like a mail deliverin' keeper!

Mary, Mary... said...

Yep, that Dan is a sweetie--I'll post pix of him soon!