Sunday, February 26

Norway waits with bated breath

One sleeve left. Must finish the neckline. Should put in a crochet edge on the bottom hem. Bandit has to go to first communion class in the morning(I didn't think about this when I married a Cuban), birthday party for the boys' favorite cousin at noon(now, c'mon, that's my family), DH has fallen to stomach bug with a vengeance(no wine at all after South Beach deadline). Then I get a comment from Oslo--oh dear, where's Sam Waterston?


Tanya said...


Hey, remember that fake commercial Sam Waterson did on SNL, about the robots coming to get us?

That cracks my shit up, all these years later. Sammy W. can be funny, too!

Annie said...

C'mon Mary, you can do it! Eagerly awaiting Curling pose! ;-)

Clean Breath said...

Where do you get your ideas from. I am going to add a link on my site if you dont mind. More than likely you will find my blog interesting.