Friday, February 10


Jerry Lampen/Reuters

Well, it looks like all Knitting Olympians(Olympic frappr map ) as well as the Turin opening ceremony committee went apeshit yesterday. First, check out that map. Gadzooks! The total of knitters posted is up to 900 and counting. Yours truly posted as Team Cuba with a lovely yarn hag (I'm working on a button, it's sooo cute). Team Scotland...well, go look them up on the list. Now, that means that there are at least 900+ knitters out there that have some kind of computer access. Just imagine if the knitting police started monitering all the e-mail traffic....scary, very scary.

As for Turin, well, I had to make sure my DSs, Tex and Bandit, watched the hoopla to prove that tacky can be translated into many languages. What was it? A Fellini/Cirque de Soleil smackdown? Botticelli's Venus was right up there with the above wink-wink opera buffo. What was with all the flying monkeys? I was waiting for Cathy Rigby to show up any moment. Then we get Carla Bruni looking exactly like 'Carrie' before all hell broke loose.


South Beach: We're in the 24-hour countdown. I scarfed down some Lay's Dill Pickle chips and a Hershey bar to fortify my daily intake of chemicals and transfats. Tex and Bandit are in training, as well, and got Kid Cuisine corn dog dinners. Tonight will be a veritable fat/starch/sugar blowout with blanquette de veau, pommes rissole, and probably a chocolate pot de creme. Martinis to start, a lovely Mas de Gourgonnier or Mas de la Dame, cuvee Gourmand for the plonk.

Cue up today's song, "Wipeout."
Now...back to those swatches, needles and the 5000m speed skate!


beadslut said...

I _did_ leave you a message on frappr about your o-so-beautiful yarn hag.

Now I find you cook, too!

Mary, Mary... said...

Thanks, beadslut. There will be a lot of food on future blogs as I'll be posting pix of what I'm craving. A crone can't live on yarn alone.....?!!!