Thursday, February 23

Sunny Day!

Let us take a moment to honor the memory of Bruce Hart, who wrote the lyrics for the "Sesame Street" song....Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?
Oh, yeah, he also wrote "You Take My Breath Away." The cause of death was lung cancer.

So, now I'm feeling all perky after yesterday's bluesfest. Check out bad boy Fernando--he's got more metal on his face than Jaws in the Bond movies. He kinda looks like a Latino Shrek, in a good way. Really, he's a sweetie and a great housepainter. I'm loving the yellow and can't wait until the green trim goes on. Evil Mr. Wilson has already made an appearance and has parked his Lexus SUV about 20 blocks away to avoid any paint particles on his car. No one said anything about spit particles, heh-heh-heh.

I am very close to finishing the body of this damned jacket which I can then block. If I start the sleeves tonight it will be a miracle.

Final weigh-in is tomorrow. I'm am bored and very grumpy with this Phase I torture. Everything tastes blah, I hate nuts and cheese sticks. I used to love more. DH is looking thinner. If I lose anything, I'm positive it will only make my butt look even bigger. The only upside is this justifies some serious stash enhancement.
Now I must tend to the permanent resident on our couch--Bandit is still out with a stomach bug. Talk about bored and grumpy....!


ml said...

I LIKE the yellow! You were right about the brick.

lobstah said...

The yellow is gaw-geous! Fernando is lookin' good too. He he.

Mary, Mary... said...

Benjamin Moore 'Pineapple Grove.' It should fade well in the Texas heat.

David said...

Tu vas, chica!