Friday, February 10


All Hail Olympians! OK, boys and girls, I just finished putting the finishing touches on my uniform for Team Cuba and I think the results are stunning.

I just can't wait to see your spiffy outfits as well. Do you honestly think t-shirts and sweatpants are appropriate garb for such a hallowed event as the Knitting Olympics? No, I didn't think so. I'm sure you're out there frantically sewing on those last few sequins and tassels and getting the glue ready for your pasties.

Just look at what Team Porcini has come up with:
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Hats off to those wacky Slavs!

Oh dear, I must run and lay in provisions for the next 2 weeks.
Here's my list:
Next 2 days: choxie ,wine, beer, vodka, bufferin, pepto-bismol
Next 2 weeks: TV dinners for kids, puppy chow for Archie, Archie the Hellpup
Splenda, medical restraints, tissues, Wellbutrin XL,another remote control, and a copy of Deep Thoughts.
Well, that's a start. As if you have been grabbing supplies from your bomb shelters already. Huh. Double huh. Snort. Triple snort. I double dog dare you. I, oh.....nevermind.

South Beach Diet: It starts Sunday so I can load up for the next 48 hours.
Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

Fantasy Fashion League: Just waiting for those Grammy points to come pouring in--thanks, Mariah!
FYI--I have been making progress re:html etc...please be patient and I did update my patient profile for your viewing pleasure. And check out my finished projects on that flickr doohicker--I spent hours uploading them for my personal photo pep talk.

Good Luck everybody! Yeah, right.....

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Bonnie said...

Loading up before the diet, I call that going out in a food laden blaze of glory!!!!

Go Team Cuba!