Sunday, February 26



First sleeve blocked this am. Why did I get all designery and go 'kimono?' 20 inches by 14 inches, slip stitch pattern, followed by, more slip stitch w/2 yarns then Turkish stitch with silk. Now, for #2. This is like knitting a whole other sweater, for cripe's sake.
My cousin stares at me when I tell her why I'm leaving her kid's birthday party. "Knitting Olympics?" "Hey, I'm an UberGoober, gotta run."

Tick,tick,tick,knit,knit,knit, growl at kids, neglect ailing spouse, forgot to feed dog, tick,tick,tick,knit,knit,knit. Check TV guide for actual time of ceremonies. Go into 'run silent, run deep' mode. Boys are watching "Ace Ventura:Pet Detective." I really should pay more attention to the ratings on those things. They're repeating every curse word they hear and howling with laughter.

Sleeve two done. I do a 10 minute block job on it and crochet an edge on the ratty neckline.(I should redo that later). 30 minutes to go and I seam the sleeves. I must join these sleeves to the already seamed shoulder/armhole opening. Aaargh! In sewing circles, it's known as allowing for ease. Hell yeah I measured, but this is knitting--it sttttrrrretches. Boys come in for goodnight kiss, want maternal interaction. I want some bourbon interaction. Bandit finds his chess club medal in case I make it and then informs me that he prayed for me at church. From your lips to God's ears, kiddo.

Finish seams. Put on kimono/jacket thing. Twirl around. Paw through jewelry box for pin. Stop husband from going out for milk to take pictures. Instruct husband how to use digital camera. Race to computer.

I know I look like Glenda the Good witch but those are knitting needles. I'll deal with the loose ends later. Ahh, the all important butt coverage. And you know, I really like it! It's lightweight and embodies all the mussel qualities I was seeking in a sweater. It makes me feel like finding a beach, burying myself in the sand and spitting out water through a tiny hole. I mean how connected is that?

Please save your Bea Arthur/Maude jokes for Monday.

So, a big huge thanks, besos y abrazos to everyone for their support. Really. I mean really really. And let's not forget Senora Harlot for plunging us all into this insanity. Dux Famina Facti, baby! And one last pic for Annie......



Jessica said...

Woohoo! Congrats.

Hilde-in-norway said...

Skaal Team Cuba! The Norwegian commentator did actually fall silent in stunned disbelief after reading the report about all your effort, and of course by seeing the final result. Fortunately I can still move my fingers to write this :-) Congratulations!! You really deserve the gold medal :-)

Annie said...

HAHHAHAHA! Love your commentary and thank you for the curling pose! My skating pose, your curling, gold all the way! Your kimono is lovely! Have fun on the beach spitting water, YAY!

lobstah said...

Wow, the sweater turned out very cool! I just love the colors.
And congrats on Team Cuba's win!

Bonnie said...

First, I was jealous that you get to live in faboo Austin, Texas. I love that town and someday I'll tell you all about the time I skinny dipped in a fountain near the capitol. Oh youth!!!!

Anywhoodle. now I jealous of your gorgeous jacket. Those sleeves are to die for!!!!