Tuesday, February 14

Team Cuba Tumbles in First Round


The bills are paid, the dog's been fed and my needles are poised when....ahOOOgah,ahOOOgah.
"Miss Muffet speaking."
"Hello, this is the nurse calling from Classy Elementary school and your son, Tex, is here in the office complaining of stomach pains."
"Right, I'll be there in about 10-15 minutes."

This happened at 11 am, my pretties, and said child is in bed with a fever clutching Curious George(never a good sign). The nurse said there's a bug going around and that her kids were out for four days. FOUR days! We're seeing the doctor this afternoon and I'm bringing my knitting(natch).

So, while TeamCuba may not have clocked herself on the luge or have been airlifted from the slopes to hospital, she's been waylaid by a stomach bug.
We expect a statement from the team medical advisor, TBA on Radio Marti.

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day!
(thanks to South Beach, no chocolate, no champers.......sex? I'll have to check the phase I list)

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Rachel said...

Im sorry about your kiddo! I too have had sick ones and it STINKS!! Welcome to blogland, glad to have you aboard!