Monday, February 20

There is a Diet God


look at what Mr. Mary found at Whole Foods. I can personally attest that this is as good as it gets, my little South Beach diet divas. I thought the DH had scored big with the sugar free chocolate gelato but, wow!, this is 200 grams of nonstop chocobliss. I ate a square of this and could only say, "There is a diet god and she speaks to me."
(The label does say 'Excess consumption may cause a laxative effect.' Disregard this as a mere example of overstated caution.)

We survived week one of this self-imposed culinary torture without any lapses except for an exception made for Friday night. My old UT pal and former NYC roommate, CLH, was visiting from London so we hooked up with another friend at a wine bar. Yes, I nursed 2 glasses of wine(the shock! the horror! Dr. Agatston shakes his head) for about 4 hours while chatting about kids, old friends, politics and wine gums vs. fruit pastilles. Riveting stuff, I know, but lots of laughs all around. Mr. Mary has lost about 8 lbs. so far and I have lost
jack. His mom tells me nothing happened until the second week for her but I think it's a ploy cooked up between them to keep me on it. I did promise.....

I've been watching more hockey than anything else as nighttime is spent getting the boys sorted, then hanging around the food bowl. I have managed to march my way across the back using 'Welting Fantastic' from Barbara Walker, Vol. 1. Ahhh, you didn't know I was knitting side to side, did you? Clever monkey me! I asked the DH if he thought it was too 70's afghan. He replied that he thought a lot of handknits had that 70's 'feel.' I can't take this seriously because this is coming from a man whose favorite sweater in the whole world
is a grey fisherman's ribbed pullover his mom bought at Corte Ingles in Madrid about 100 years ago. AND it's acrylic. How can I expect him to appreciate the very essence of mussel in my textured stitches when he could carbon date half his wardrobe?

I did slip past the guards on Sunday and sneak off to the bookstore. Here's my haul:
Wicked, by Gregory Maguire
Two sweaters for my father, by Perri Klass
1000 Great Knitting Motifs, by Luise Roberts
Wrap Style, by Pam Allen & Ann Budd
Knitting in Plain English, by Maggie Righetti
Kaffe Fassett's Pattern Library
Some of these are to round out my collection--I have Righetti's Sweater Design already, and some are just for perusing. I also got the new IK Spring issue. I'm joining the Sunrise Circle Jacket KAL afer the Olympics. I'll have to do it in cotton, though and I'll post the KAL link when I get it.


I just knew it. Knew it, knew it, knew IT. Bandit woke us up this morning at 6am with crying and an upset stomach. Here we go again. He moaned and I knitted while watching the 'blink and you miss it' action of the US men vs. Canada in curling this am. Curling seems to have a sedative effect on both of us so I think I'll go join him for a toasty nap.......

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Hey Mary,
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