Thursday, March 2


Apparently, the combination of my yard art and our new color scheme for the house has pushed our neighbor, Mr. Wilson, over the edge. This has sprung up in the last 2 days:

There was a choice moment when he explained how he was going to texture and paint his side of the wall and leave our side bare. I replied, "That's great if you don't mind me painting it then. " His left eye started twitching and he stammered, "Oh, no, there's quite enough yellow. I'll paint it to match MY house."

The DH's comment was you can't really blame the guy when you've got Carmen Miranda and her devil boys living next to you. Funny, how he didn't include himself in that sentence. Really, when I see Wilson's bald pate lurking near our fence line I think of a head on a stick from the French Revolution. Oh well, good fences/walls make good neighbors or at least well barricaded ones.


Are there more irritating instructions in the pattern jungle than the following: "Right Front: Work to correspond to left front, reversing all shaping and pat placement?" Fine, make me do all the work. I feel like friggin' Ginger Rogers dancing backwards in high heels when I have to reverse shaping. This is further exacerbated by the fact that I have substituted a cable/bobble pattern which has row 1 starting on the wrong side. I have cast on and ripped out this piece three times because I keep forgetting one crucial detail or another. I finally sat down and wrote out the first three rows just to keep my head straight.

I'm trying to finish this so I can take it on Spring Break. The boys will be deposited into the loving arms of their Cuban grandparents in Miami before the DH and I swan off to Japan. This is our big 'Adults Only' trip, woohoo! We'll spend a few days in Tokyo where DH has already planned a sunrise breakfast in the fish market(he spent hours poring over guide books on that one) and then a sake tasing dinner somewhere--I'm just tagging along. After Tokyo, we head out to the countryside for some serious r&r. I plan to soak in hot baths, read, knit and try not to leave size 9 mud prints on the tatami mats. I know Vogue Knitting had a piece on yarn shops in Tokyo a few months back that I need to dig up. Hmm, I guess I better get on the stick. No, wait, Wilson's head....eeewwh, don't even go there, girlfriend.


Jackie C. said...

Hey Mary Mary,
I for one love bright houses -- some people freak out about them, but I say there's too much gray and brown in the world already! Bring on the color!

Annie said...

Hey, he puts up a fence that you have to look at, technically is now on your property, isn't it? And for the confusing pattern, I hear you sista. Why do *I* have to rewrite the thing? *sigh* Have fun in Japan!

Mary, Mary... said...

Wilson's too savvy to put his cinder block wonder on my property line--it's just on the inside of his line. One more bobble to go...yippee!