Tuesday, March 28


Dear Anonymous, Thanks for the tip on my potential career in secret shopping. I do have reservations about a garage full of barbecue grills, gun safes and power tools. Is there secret shopping for yarn? I'm there.

Dear Other Anonymous, I'll take your question about my creative processes as a compliment. Doesn't everybody have a bunch of drunken monkeys posing as ideas in their brain? Thanks for the link! Unless you're the Sober Simian Brain Alliance, of course.


1. Hull City Tigers. Hull, Yorkshire, UK. Football as in soccer. A former nanny's hometown team and where they round up local kids to play extras in the 'Harry Potter' movies. Cheers, Rachel!
2. Paris. And you thought all roads led to Rome.
3. Rick Marin. What a disaster that marriage was. And my bridesmaid's dress that I picked out. Rick tried to be the Candace Bushnell of 'dick lit.' Tried is the operative word. His current wife is Cynthia Rowley's best friend and they have a line of doodads at Target.
4. Kaffe Fassett was born in San Francisco but he grew up in Big Sur, where his parents started a hotel called Nepenthe. Great gift shop.
5. Kirstie Alley was a Vulcan, as seen here in Star Trek II:
Her ex-husband, Parker Stevenson, was one of 'The Hardy Boys.'
6. Shaquir Rashaun O'Neal, which means 'my daddy's boogers can squash you like a bug' in Swahili.
7. Vinegar, baking soda and food coloring can make for hours of chemical eruptions whilst trapped indoors on a cold rainy day. Just go here for the exploding lunch bag recipe. Tons of fun!

8. Vince Young ran in three touchdowns, two in the last five minutes of the game. Matt Leinart threw passes for TDs but didn't make any himself. Just watch the last 6 minutes of this game to understand why this is one of the most amazing Rose Bowl games of all time. And you thought last year's UT/Michigan showdown was a thriller...ok, am I the only football watching knitter here?
9. Puffy Ami Yumi did a remake of "Secret Agent Man" for the cartoon show "Teen Titans." We all have our favorites, but Beast Boy is mine. Such a cute underbite.
10. The #@%! charger was in the graveyard. It was the outlet that didn't work. Doh! Yes, that's my Longhorn cellphone in the pic above--at least I can always find it.


Tanya said...

I wish I had seen the questions on Friday, cause I knew the Puffy Ami Yumi one (luv them) and the Rick Marin one (hate him). How weird your best friend was married to that...man. God! That book he wrote! There are no words.

I hate all dick lit writers on principle, b/c they make it harder for me to get pubbed with the "toxic" chick lit I write.

And btw, I hate the Yankees (slinking off....)

lobstah said...

OK...I didn't know any of the answers...not that I'm STUPID or anything!!! (shrilly shreiking in self defense)

That is cool you got a little loom. Weaving is the other fiber-arts thing I'm really interested in, but seems like more of an investment in time and money than I'm willing to make at this time. But someday...

HPNY Knits said...

Thanks for the " exploding lunch bag" website. Will come in handy!