Wednesday, March 22

The Idles of March

I shouldn't be blogging today. Really. All the piles of paperwork and household crap held fertility rites while we were away and now I'm facing critical mass.
Let's see, there's the everpresent bill pile next to the 'paid not filed' pile. Let's not forget the 'graded homework papers and school announcements' pile which contains items dating back to January. Remember all bets were off before, during and now after the Knitting Olympics. Waiting in the wings are the 'you never know when you're going to need it--newspaper&magazine clippings' pile and it's cousin, the 'new addresses, birth announcements and birthday party invitations' pile. But what has really set me off was this:
It's a crappy photo, but that is the Little league game schedule highlighted in yellow. This is not even allowing for practices which change date and venue weekly. Another project I completed last night was deciphering Japanese instructions
to make a couple of these: Oh, and they shoot marbles.

Girl genius here thought 'All boys like plastic crap and look, hon, here's some robot thingies that will boost our kids' test scores!' Marbles. They've already lost them, thank God. And I'm still looking for mine.

So what's a jetlagged girl to do but have a nip of Maker's Mark and cast on for her Sunrise Circle Jacket? Details on the KAL. I'll post some pix here when I've made real progess.

And then I remembered a couple more souvenirs to show you.

First, there are the groovy knee socks with a pair of sparkly thigh-highs thrown in. I don't know when I'll ever wear the thigh-highs but it's always good to have a pair handy. You know, just in case I turn into a FemBot after reading those instructions or something. And the seeds! Who knew you could stock up at Narita airport? I hope to plant the flowers sometime this week and then ward off the grackles with the toy guns. Loaded with little aluminum foil balls while wearing my thigh-highs, cowboy boots and a short trench coat. Because there's a little FemBot lurking in all of us...


lobstah said...

Whoa, that gun actually sounds pretty dangerous! And I come from the "if it doesn't kill ya it only makes you stronger" school ;)

The seeds look fun, though.

HPNY Knits said...
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HPNY Knits said...

Mary, I SOOOO related to your "I shouldn't be blogging today......................" I wonder if I post a photo of my pile it will shame me to reduce it!!
I love Japan! I have been there ages ago, and always wish to go back since. looks like you had great fun!

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