Monday, March 20

Jetlag and Reality

I'm baaaaack!

We left Tokyo and went to a couple of ryokans which are like Japanese B&Bs usually featuring hot thermal baths. And I mean HOT thermal baths. Thanks to the DH, who has plundered our children's college funds, we stayed in a couple of high-end places. The perk was gorgeous settings complete with nice kimono-clad lady serving us multi-course breakfasts and dinners. Mr. Mary really got into this as he was always served first(Japan still has that 'man is king' thing going on). You know, if that's all it takes to make him happy, then FINE.

I'm uploading my photos to flickr so I won't bore you here with endless shots of celebrity billboards, sumo wrestling on TV, plum blossoms and various forms of food--raw, cooked, living dead etc...As soon as Iget them done, I'll post the link. Here are a couple of previews:


This means I want to crash at 2 pm and party at 3 am. We hoarded the Ambien so we should be back on track fairly soon. But my power naps are a little disturbing...

I had the weirdest dream this afternoon. My kids were in school back in Paris and the headmaster was visiting. I wanted to gripe to him about the lack of school aftercare when I had to see the boys perform in the school play. I grabbed my knitting and ran into Woody Allen with a bunch of people going to see Mia Farrow's new movie. I dropped my knitting bag and in the process of picking up all the needles I accidentally grabbed someone's purse. Meanwhile, I keep missing the boys onstage. Just when I'm going to call Woody Allen I woke up.
Sheesh, turn the brain OFF, dear.

I finished the Scarf Style ruffles scarf (I did ruffles for about 12" then knitted straight for 24' before switching back to ruffles, charming no?)and gave it as a present to the hotel manager's wife, who is a knitter . I still have sock #1 on needles but I'm about 4" from binding off. I like it. I may not kit out the whole family but I'm getting the sock thing. And I have a secret weapon---13-inch size 3 circulars so the dpns are kept to a minimum. I have big feet so this works for my size.
AND my Ebay Brown Sheep Kaleidoscope arrived so I can cast on for the Sunrise Circle Jacket KAL. Pix to come, I promise. Now, I must catch the Japan/Cuba World Baseball Classic final and watch out for "Rosemary's Baby."


lobstah said...

Welcome back! The trip sounded amazing, can't wait to see the photos. That's funny that they have statues of Hello Kitty. Oh yeah, and the scarf is pretty cool too!

Annie said...

Welcome back Mary! That Sunrise Jacket thing is tempting....maybe I'll make one too....or just watch you make yours! :-)