Tuesday, March 21

Show and Tell

Goodies galore!
Click on the above title to link to my vacation pix. More to come when time allows.
Now, here's a roundup of what made it into my suitcase:

Let's see...my yukatas in background, another tote bag, Hello Kitty t-shirt, Tokyo t-shirt, assorted napkins/fabric swatches for future quilt(?), excellent knives and pruning shears, charms to put on cellphone/keychain and pink massage thing from RanKing/RanQueen, a groovy shop where you can buy stuff that's on the top ten list that week. Handy items such as the top ten snack foods, CDs, health and beauty products, magazines, gizmos and cheap perfumes. Thoughtfully located in Shibuya subway station and around town.

The boys model their yukatas in ninja poses.

Yarn: Noro mohair(about $10 skein), variegated fine mohair ($8), neon yellow Puppy acrylic and cotton skeins for a goof, beige and cream wool/cotton blend Rich More for Lohas label ($9) for socks(?!!).

Bling Bling!!! THE black pearl. Hey, isn't that a book?

WIPs: Teal cocoon shawl from "Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls" and Interlacements Toasty Toes socks from "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns." I hope to cast on for the Sunrise Circle Jacket today, you know, after paying bills, power nap, picking up boys from school, sorting laundry etc...

Oh, and did I mention the DH asked if I'd write a travel piece on Tokyo? Apparently, he cooked some deals with the Japanese Tourism Board and since he's so busy writing a history of Havana and I'm unemployed these days with nothing to do but blog and knit....

Souvenir bumper sticker from the Dulles Airport. I passed on the one that read "Run, Hillary, Run" that you put on the front of your car.

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Jackie C. said...

Welcome home, Mary Mary! I'm so jealous -- it's on my life list to go to Japan someday!