Monday, March 6


VK HOLIDAY '05 #17 DONE!!!

I got it done just in the nick of time. I did use 2 strands to try to lighten the darker right front but it didn't help much. Thanks anyway, Annie. So let's just roll that beautiful bean footage...

Thanks to Tex for that rare and wondrous thing--a good photo of me! Uhm, remind self to straighten jacket when sitting. If you look hard at that top bobble, you'll catch my drift. Man, I was really trying work those cheekbones--my face hurts.

Here's little Miss Mistletoe herself. Now, I admit to falling for the photo hook, line and sinker. The sweater, people. She's a little young, or as they say in north Texas, she's still shittin' yeller. Anyway, that totally glam shot manages to obscure a few important details.
See that? They put the bloody zipper in upside down! "Sew in zipper along fronts." are the directions verbatim. Now, I wouldn't have put in the zipper upside down anyway because that dog won't hunt. Not on this "I lost 5 lbs from my gut on South Beach and gained it all back" body. I will not bore you with the directions for the collar. Suffice it to say, I didn't follow them. Nope, I followed my trusty *yo, LT* pattern and simply went up a needle size every 4 rows. The pattern starts you on a size 7 and then you increase, staying within their lace/cable pattern. That was too much math, dinky 2-st cables and general BS for my brain after the darker dyelot surprise. So, I started on a size 7, then moved on to a 10, then an 11, then final 4 rows on a 13. Bound off with a 17. I got the collar to flare out exactly as planned. So take that, Miss Toe.

Yep, those bobbles look better standing up. By the way, this sweater's toasty. 'Lone Star' is a wool/mohair blend and you sure feel it when the mercury hits 80 degrees. I have to check the temps for Tokyo, but I'm pretty sure they have a real winter there and it's still going on.

So, gang, it's not like I have to pack for the big trip or anything. You know, ditch the granny pants and dig around for something with a little more va-va-voom. Oh, and because I'm the sole female in the house, I get to pack for the boys as well. That's easy: 14 prs underwear, 3 prs. socks&shorts, 8 sports logo t-shirts and 2 bathing suits because they'll wear the same thing everyday for weeks.

But the most pressing thing on my mind is: What will I knit on the trip? I have a bunch of laceweight yarn and could try a shawl, or bite the bullet by starting AND finishing a pair of socks or !!! take some needlepoint that's been mouldering in my closet for years. And there's some cool Anny Blatt Sultane and Benares that I picked up on sale or bring a couple of WIPs. Uh-oh, this is getting complicated.

I will try to post from Japan just to see if it can be done. If not, I'll plague you with wacky trip pix when we get back in a couple of weeks. Sayonara, babycakes!


thebluestbutterfly said...

I hope that you post some fun photos of your Tokyo trip. Have fun.

knitannie said...

Looks great. I can't tell from the photos that the colour is different on the front panel. I'm sure no one will notice. Japan will DEFINITELY be freezing so you'll get loads of use out of your new sweater. Have a safe trip.

lobstah said...

Very beautiful! I agree that the color difference is not visible in the photos. I didn't realize that you were making this pattern--I was thinking about doing this one too! Right now it is on that big ol' heap of good intentions...

So jealous you are going to Japan. I've always wanted to go there.

Annie said...

Hooray! Great sweater! Happy bobbles!