Tuesday, March 28

Weekend Update

It's raining cats and dogs today. A real frog drowner as they say in these parts. Luckily, Archie the wonder pup doesn't freak out with the thunder, he justs sits in one of his spots and looks pitiful. We're up to 2 inches already.

I spent all day Sunday working in the yard, my khaki-clad butt mooning the neighbors as I planted all my seeds from Japan and a few others. Mainly flowers--morning glory, a red baby's breath, balsam, poppies, foxgloves and such. This should make a change from the Swiss Chard tableau in the front planter. What a workout! My hamstrings really hurt.

I cast on for sock #2 during Tex's ballgame on Saturday. While the other moms were chatting, there I was with my iPod grooving to Bebel Gilberto and my Toasty Toes. Some may see this as antisocial behavior but I view it as an exercise in self-preservation. It's going to be a loooong season, there will be plenty of time to complain about the stringent parking measures at school or how much crap my kids eat.
Speaking of food, I thought I'd blog more about the gourmet thing but I don't. Truth be told, my DH does most of the cooking. Hey, I put in a good 15 years of chef-on-demand for this guy. So, after a hard day researching and writing a book, he unwinds with....a cookbook. He's been trawling through 'The Moro Cookbook,' by Sam & Sam Clark, really good. I do get called in for the heavy duty lifting like pastries, sauces and cutting up dead animals. Now that I have these super sharp knives from Japan I can start cutting radishes and carrots into decorative shapes.
Here's a treat he found--the vineyard is Mas de la Dame, a Provencal winery run by 2 women that is near Camp Trade-Off, our annual reward for leaving La Belle France. Don't say France, say 'Fraaaaahns.' Now see how long it takes for your friends to stick pins in their voodoo dolls. Anyway, it's a solid red with some oomph, great with Moro's spices.

I was goofing off bigtime reponding to a sideways sweater topic in Knitter's Review and found this:
my sideways cotton tank done in Tahki Cotton Classic. It's my 'Retro Beach Chair Stripe, Design Experiment #41.' I cast on for the front and knocked off a few rows. Gee, maybe it will be done in time for summer this year.
I also dug out my Ashford's Knitters Loom out of the box and set it up. I figured if I can decipher Japanese toy instructions, surely I can master the mysterious world of warp and weft. Sturm und Drang. The 'what the..?' and 'how in the hell?' of an ancient craft. I used some scrap cotton and Bouton D'Or's Reflets for the first try.
OK, all you eagle-eyed weavers will see that I set up the loom backwards. Well, they weren't so clear about that in the pix. I managed to weave anyway while watching the Texas basketball team lose to someone called 'Big Baby' in overtime. You know, if they gave my kids catchy sports nicknames they'd be something like "Stitches' (six scars and counting) and "DogBoy"(he'll play catch all day long).
I'm waiting to see what Annie produces with that oak tree in her apartment. Me, I'm planning to make scarves and shawls and, I dunno, like sell them or something. So far, I have one $200 thing completed.

Now, I know you've been on the edge of your seats drumming your fingers waiting for the answers to the trivia questions. They're coming right up in a separate post. Hey, stop it! That hurt! Don't make me get my beater.....

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HPNY Knits said...

I love to knit and tune out with my ipod. lately I have listened to some podcasts on knitting, and although many are disappointing, some are fun.
Eventually, you'll have to make nice with the other parents... If only for your kid's sake...