Thursday, March 30

Yarn Geeks+Digital Cameras=Stash Envy


Timbuk 3 and 2

Those krazy kats over at Knitty are having their 2nd annual 'Flash Your Stash' day on April 1st. Basically, we all take pix of our stashes and post them for online ogling. I'm participating mainly to get my yarnporn jollies and to prove that stash addiction helps the economy in a myriad of untold ways.

PICT0003_2 PICT0004_2

Looky here! El Stasho Gigante waiting to be photographed.

I plan to select my absolute favorites and the yarns that I have way too much of. I'm half tempted to just say send me a self-addressed box with postage and it's yours. But, I can't. Every skein tells a story--where I bought it, how many times I had to ask directions to the shop(often with family in tow), was it on sale, what happens when you shop online after a couple glasses of plonk...the sort of details that would make any non-knitter roll on the floor, clutching their stomachs and beg for mercy. In fact, my DH engages in that activity everytime he checks his e-mail at home and realizes he is completely surrounded by jillions of mute skeins in bags and Rubbermaid containers...just waiting....and watching.

My stash is counteracted by the hundreds of books in our house. Books that have been shipped from DC to Austin to Paris to Key Biscayne and back to Austin. Many of these books are for 'research' as opposed to entertainment. Not all are classics. "Man Kzin Wars 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5?" Guide books from the early 80's? "Once A Bum, Always a Dodger?" We have mutually agreed not to question each other's ,ahem, research projects even though I'm convinced that if the yarn doesn't suffocate us then we'll literally get crushed by all those weighty tomes.
(I'm currently reading "The Amalgamation Polka," by Stephen Wright for my book group. Lots of chewy Proustian descriptions that go on forever and therefore have a soporific effect on me. I really wanted Richard Rutt's action-packed "History of Hand Knitting" to be this month's choice. Needless to say, various members fell to the floor, clutching their stomachs and begged for mercy.)

Well, I have worked a few more rows on the Sunrise Circle Jacket and intended to do more when I got my monthly yarn samples from Elann. I wasn't too jazzed about them for knitting but thought they'd work well for a weaving sample, so out came the Knitter's Loom. Setting up the damn thing takes time...and...concentration...and....more time. This is so different from knitting where instant gratification is only how long it takes you to find a pair of needles and cast on. I also found a Louisa Harding silk that Anneke had sent me that has 'Bollywood' written all over it(it really helps to have a LYS owner be your former employer). So here's what happened:
PICT0001 PICT0002_5

Yeah, the one on top hurts my eyes, too. I'm not a big orange/yellow person but I did find a yellow skein of Phildar's 'Phil Tulle' in my oddballs box. This stuff is like knitting with pantyhose and is a real pain but I think it redeemed itself for weaving. It's very sheer so the yarn looks barely held together. It's an experiment but I may have to trot it out the next time I feel like dancing in the Alps.
Ah, Dan the Postman has just dropped off a box from Amazon for me. More research!


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Hey that is really clever to use those zip up shelf clear plastic thingies to store your stash. I like it!