Monday, April 24

Ads in Sheep's Clothing

It was only a matter of time before some intrepid soul, driving through the Dutch countryside, looked out the window and didn't see flocks of sheep safely grazing but an army of domesticated billboards. The NYTimes ran the story on the front page today.

PICT0006_17PICT0004_21A couple of other items of knitterly interest were in the Sunday NYTimes: Chanel had these crocheted flowers for $525, now a NY boutique sells them for $15, profits help Nepalese women, two would be about the price of Nicky Epstein's new book. Illuminated knitting needles have been on Ebay for the last few months.These Knit Lite needles, $20, were designed by Edith Eig's(La Knitterie Parisienne) retired engineer husband, who accidentally locked himself in the shop one night.
I don't knit in the dark, usually I'm asleep. But they'd come in handy as mini-light sabers or for Harry Potter improv,"Cnyttanus pronto!"

Here are some lovelies I picked up for my summer projects, modelled on one of our new pink flamingoes:PICT0009_13PICT0013_7Blue Heron rayon/metallic--summer wrap, Noro Sakura rayon/poly/silk/wool--shrug maybe, Euroflax Linen--summer camisoles--think Andie McDowellesque Deep South linen and lace.

The Jamaica tank hums along nicely. Simple slightly fitted affair with cabled straps for that little something extra.PICT0014_5PICT0016_4
I'll crochet around the edges with a green/taupe cotton to add some polish. Now, I must run and consult with my dog's personal trainer. Don't ask...just go ahead and laugh. Oh, and I've got Chucho powerwashing our metal roof. Woof-woof!


lobstah said...

Poor sheep! I used to think..."they'll put an ad on anything that doesn't move." But now they're even putting ads on things that DO move!

Jamaica tanks is very cool!

Bonnie said...

Sheep with jobs! How long before they unionize?

Love the tank top. What yarn are you using?

HPNY Knits said...

baaaaaaa! OMG!
but I love your hot little Jamaica tank!

HildeC said...

Oh, that Jamaica tank - just looooove those colours :-)