Monday, April 17


"Hello, we're not home right now. We're whooping it up at a UT frat party in 1951."

Ava GardnerThe cover of the new biography by Lee Server, "Ava Gardner: Love is Nothing," reminded me of the above shot of my parents looking pretty glam. Ava herself was a real pistol, while my parents were normal at the time. But they looked hot. Three kids later, fast forward to 2006 and we get this from their youngest child and only daughter:
Just take a polyester nightie from Target, cut off the top, sew in some darts and a zipper and POW you've got instant Craft Geek Chic. I spent half the weekend watching Star Wars II(Yoda kicks butt), III(Wookies kick butt) and IV(Rebel Forces kick butt) repeatedly with Bandit while the DH and Tex rode the Poltergeist at Fiesta Texas (no hurling) and visited Pedro and Maria at the Alamo. I also worked on sock #2, during the most uninspired birthing scene ever from "Revenge of the Sith." There's Anakin Skywalker turning into the evil McNugget from Hell, while his wife, Whatshername (which means 'so-so royalties for you, sister'), is in labor with a robot for the l&d nurse. Ewan McGregor as the younger Obi-Wan Kenobi, making the older Alec Guinness/Obi-Wan sexier in some bizarre way, whisks off the newborn twins. The histrionic John Williams score goes on and on. Carrie Fisher gets to have Jimmy Smits for her dad on a nice planet while Mark Hamill is stuck somewhere near Beggar's Hollow in a dust bowl. I turned the heel.
It is only for documentary and knitting purposes that I would ever dare to photograph my feet. While extremely practical and supportive, they are not exactly dainty or sylphid. They're practically simian and I can pinch with my toes. Anyway, I'm very pleased with the socks. I used "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns" (Ann Budd) for the pattern which worked like a dream. I'm knitting Interlacements Toasty Toes on size 3 needles and would probably go down a needle size in the future. The thermometer hit 95 degrees yesterday, so I'm not planning to wear these anytime soon....sigh.


Annie said...

Fabulous socks! 95 degrees, dang woman. Get thee a popsicle!

pralala said...

GREAT skirt! Love it! Also, I do that with my socks all the time, but I'm not brave enough to take a picture of my half clad foot.

Bonnie said...

Love the skirt!!!

I saw Star Wars III in the theatre and narrowly escaped with my life. When Anakin-whiney weiner head-Walker was writhing and burning in the lava, I could not stop giggling. It didn't help that I said rather loudly through my giggle fit, "this is the BEST part of the movie. Burn baby burn."

The Star Wars man, who I am sure still slept in his C3PO under-roos, shushed me and gave me dirty looks.

HPNY Knits said...

love the socks!!! what about in the AC? don't you freez in it? need socks!!!