Wednesday, April 26

Can you knit with dental floss?

It's another trip to the dentist for me and Bandit. I've got the stuffed animal, Valium, and chocolate pudding all ready. Sock #2 is in my bag. Currently, all male members of this family must be sedated before any dental procedures. I feel like joining the club because I went to my new dentist yesterday and found out that I 'm up for some work, as well.
If I give them my firstborn, will that cover the bill?

Edited to add:
Ok, I just got a call from my dentist and they have an opening for tomorrow am. I smell a conspiracy.

Three dental visits in one week.

Almooooost done with sock#2. I even worked on Sunrise Jacket--remember that?--when we got home. I'm determined to start the front shaping today.
Bandit's visit was stressful. The valium definitely took the edge off but he adamantly refuses to take gas. Hopefully, that's it for 6 months.

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