Friday, April 14


It's that time of year when someone always gets nailed: Snake Bites Woman At Lakeway Home Depot.
Mr. Mary has taken Tex to Fiesta Texas for a fun-filled day of roller coasters(and vomit) while Bandit is determined to watch every Star Wars movie in sequence as well as our new boxed set of Astro Boy. Bring on the Peeps, popcorn and knitting needles.


Here's where I got the inspiration to work the extra rows on the 'phat&juicy' cable swatch. Rattling in the back of my brain, I remembered this sweater in Rebecca #24. Talk about monster cables!

Two new additions to our cookbook line-up: Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme and
Books for Cooks 7, a gift from a dear old friend. He was going to London a few years ago and I had told him he must check out Books For Cooks. He did and has been a regular ever since. Fast forward to last week and I get this in the mail as a thank-you, their annual round-up of favorite recipes from their test kitchen and cafe. I've already made the Lemon Curd cake, the DH has made the Maghrebi Meatballs with Spinach & Chickpeas and we've already ordered a couple of the books mentioned. Thanks, Bradley.

Mr. Mary made his first dessert ever.
Pierre Herme makes some some of the best chocolates and croissants in Paris. I used to buy bars of his dark chocolate for Christmas presents--that's how good they are. So, when the DH spied this cookbook, he was a little worried that it would be a bunch of 3-day choco/pastry ordeals that I'd make once a year and swear off forever. He took a chance and bought it anyway. There are some elaborate creations but they are balanced by a nice selection of simpler stuff like brownies, sorbet and chocolate rice pudding. The rice pudding is basically risotto cooked in milk with the addition of melted dark chocolate. So simple that the DH made it. So good that I hope he makes it again.

This is now this:

I've been on a tear lately, culling out rejects from the stash, ditching unfinished projects and frogging failed experiments. The Turkish stitch shawl was knitted on jumbo needles with recycled sari silk(yeah, I fell for that one), a strand of something metallic and a strand of Noro Hinageshi that I got on sale ages ago. I had made the shawl for New Year's Eve on a family cruise where the most memorable event(for me) was Texas beating Michigan in the last few seconds of the Rose Bowl. The shawl was festive, but blobby and heavy. I salvaged the silk and Noro, goodbye metallic. The Noro is back in the stash, the sari silk (I have a lot) may become a future rug for the yarncave. The silk is too heavy to wear in Texas, but it's tough as nails, so why not?
Here are some future projects:
I saw this yarn here and knew that I had to have me some that groovy tiger-striped yarn pronto! The sock yarn stash is growing at an alarming rate...

This is Noro Hana silk(on sale at Colorful Stitches) in 'teal' which is really a smoky dark blue and the pattern is Lovland from the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book #2, full of Noro goodies. The color is perfect for the frogged tank top I made with Twist(a nightmare to rip, avoid it all costs unless you're desperate for the yarn) and Melody, soon to be a summer shawl. When I've finished the whole ensemble, I'll post the pix.
And this is the girl's nightie($15) I bought at Target that will be magically transformed into my Easter Parade skirt. Who needs bunnies and chicks when you've got shiny polyester gnomes all over your butt? And so I wish all of you Bonne Paques and Feliz Peepidad, regardless of your creed or street cred...the sewing machine awaits, BWAAAHAAAAHAAAA!


Annie said...

I can't wait to see your shiny polyester gnome butt skirt thing! Yay! I'm off to find Peeps...

Corrie said...

Question: What brand sari silk did you get? I keep hearing how its tough but mine is somewhat floppy (albeit pretty). I'd love to know!

Also, would LOVE to see the gnome skirt!