Wednesday, April 19


Dear Weather Gods, it's only April for Pete's sake!
Other parts of the country observe Groundhog's Day as a portent of Spring; the critter either sees his shadow or he doesn't. Here we have Heat Wave Day where we get a glimpse of how scary pale white people look in Bermuda shorts and Birkenstocks and then we scurry back into our air-conditioned lairs waiting for summer to really kick in. Nothing to do but listen to the Hi-Fi, whip up some gazpacho and check out the new Slurpee flavors at 7-11.

There's been three days of record breaking temperatures and I'm ticked. Miffed. Cheesed off. Como agua por chocolate/Like water for chocolate(was that some whacked out knitting or what?). I've done about 10 inches' worth of the left sleeve on Sunrise Circle Jacket, which I'll get to wear at 3 am when the temps drop to, say, 75 degrees. Somewhat Cowl with the Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk has been quarantined to strictly indoor knitting. And the socks will not be going to baseball games anytime soon--I've got hot hands and a cold heart. There's a glimmer of hope for Lovland with Hana silk.
So, I dove into the stash and found 3 skeins of Katia Jamaica, 100% cotton, 100 gms, 219 yds. Tank Time. I thought about throwing in some kind of groovy stitch detail, but with the stripes it gets too busy or too thick. This will be a very simple, slightly fitted affair with some detail at the neckline--maybe one super chunk cable or a bit of eyelet to set it off. I'm using a size 7 needle, 5 st=1 inch, because I while I will baby my woolies(I've got 4 freshly washed winter cardigans drying on the dining room table, mothballs and storage await), I am pretty ruthless with the cottons. So I knit for shrinkage and potential dryer abuse. The only time this really backfired was with the Safari Striped Top--it still looks good but the ribbing totally relaxed. And I actually like working with cotton which is a good thing because I ain't wearing no wool until....November?

I found a lovely paean to high school, Houston heat and strip malls at Knit And Tonic (June 2005) when she knitted up her Jamaica top last summer. And then I saw her Somewhat Cowl Pattern Update. And then I had to lie down with a cool compress in my darkened boudoir, murmuring 'Euroflax Linen...Euroflax Linen...Euroflax Linen.'


Annie said...

Well, your summer knitting is lovely. Crank the AC, baby!

ml said...

101 here Mon. and Tues...whaaaaattt!!! By the way, I LOVE the bat!

HPNY Knits said...

Oh Mary, Katia Jamaica baby!!
It can drive a woman wild!

pralalaa! said...

I WIIIIISH I liked working with cotton. Wish wish wish. I always bung it up. At this time, I'm planning on keeping the AC up up up!

Marji said...

I hear ya. It's been hitting the 90's here this week, shades of things to come.
I'm from the North, where we actually had things like 'summer wools' (I still have some in my closet for that eternal optimist in me, the one who thinks maybe I'll get to go north again someday).
Meanwhile, I'm knitting with Katia Sevilla (Orangina) and next up is Jaeger Sienna (cotton) in the cami from Spring IK. Then I'll crank up the old AC and go back to knitting with wool.

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