Friday, April 28

Silver Lining

Yesterday was a busy one for the mailbox here at Boca Loca Grande.

First, I received a hand written thank-you note from my new dentist. I'm framing it and hanging it up in the bathroom. "...I trust you found your examination comprehensive and informative..." Well, apprehensive and expensive was more like it but what a nice gesture. His momma should be right proud. I bet her dentures are real purdy.

These stash additions are the result of lurking around the message boards at Knitter's Review and Someone mentions a great yarn, you click the link, start trawling through the colors and's like having a one-night stand with a yarn shop and, instead of getting a phone call or flowers or nothing a week later, there's a package on your doorstep. Hey, remember me? That great time we had when you were stressing over the dentist and needed a little pick-me-up? Well, here I am, babylambsugarlump, ready to move in!
As evidenced from my recent purchases, I'm the Theresa Dunn of lace weight and sock yarn these days.
Let's move on to the goodies:
Here's the combo sock pack that I got from Hill Country Yarns. They pick 3 skeins of their sock weight yarns for $25. My logic was to live dangerously and economize at the same time. Uhm, made absolute sense a couple of days ago. Anyway, I opened the package and thought "Brown? Surely, I didn't pick brown?" But it's perfect for the DH whose wardrobe ranges from jeans to khakis. The pink stripes could be fun for Jaywalkers and the orange is just right for my brother the Longhorn fan who bleeds burnt orange. I may need an extra skein for him--he wears like a size 16 shoe. He's also 6'5, and a bonfide truck driving redneck with a psycho dachshund named Chili. Now imagine him stomping about in a pair of zippy orange socks. Oh happy day!

And here are the merino lace weight treats from HandPainted"Paris Night" and "Oro y Vino." Paris Night is smokey black/grey with a touch of blue and purple. This could be Eunny's Print O'The Wave stole.
The jury's out on the Oro y Vino. I lived in Washington DC, so I keep seeing Redskins colors. I may double it with a burgundy kid mohair to soften the gold.

This...this...thing is something I unearthed in the yarncave. It's the left front to a cropped cardigan I dreamt up last summer. Filatura Di Crosa Nilo cotton. I don't remember knitting this. At all. I think the combination of the cables, the shaping and keeping track of numbers shut down my brain. I'm tempted to frog it but then I think it's kinda nice then I think you still have the right front and the back. My brain shuts down. Maybe I'll just hide it again.

So I go here to chill out. Check out the 'unusual animals'--geckoes and monkeys. And then I go here to get my wisecrack fix. And then I go look for Mr. Goodyarn.


HPNY Knits said...

Hill Country Yarns. how can you do this to me???
lush and delicious...........

Annie said...

I'm giggling getting my yarn fix from your shopping. I wrecklessly bought yarn last night, whipped out the credit card, ordered 8 skeins of sock yarn from KnitPicks (WHY? I don't really like the sock yarn - thought this is a different kind...)

Great color choices, and I bet your giant brother will love his zippy socks. :-)

Rebecca said...

I so relate to the one-night stand analogy! (And do you like the lace weight from handpainted yarn? I got some of their worsted weight)

Anonymous said...

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