Thursday, April 6

Spring is Bustin' Out All Over

Amazing the effects of a decent rain and daylight savings time at chez Mary.
(I promise not to trash Barbie for at least a week)
Yipes! Edited to contain a correction in scarf pattern. Such a dingbat!

First, we have flora....then fauna.
PICT0006_10 PICT0007_10
Yardkill....then dinner.

PICT0004_13 It's crawdad time! Mudbugs, yum-yum.
(If you have issues with crustaceans for political, dietary or religious reasons, or have memorized "Annie Hall" please skip ahead.) One of the great pleasures of living back in the South(west) is that we're getting to eat fresh crawdads for the first time in ages. I personally think crayfish/crawdads/mudbugs are better than shrimp. They have a richer flavor and better texture. Unfortunately, you don't often find them fresh in the market and the frozen crawfish tails aren't that good. Here's Mr. Mary slaving over the hot stove while Bandit rounds up another maverick.


And here's a box of rejects waiting to go to charity(you really don't want this--eyelash, charming, bad karma skeins, acrylic). I even ditched some projects(!) that had been mouldering forever and got back 3 sets of circulars in the process.
I feel liberated from the umbilical bonds of unfinished, unwanted, unfun knitting.
Free I tell you!

A few skeins of Trendsetter 'Gaza' (don't google this) that I picked up on sale circa 2000. The colors are muted, well kinda dingy. There's a certain something about it--maybe combined with a chunky cotton for a funky bathmat in the boys' reststop? Vote! Really, I can't decide.


I have one skein of ArtYarns Regal Silk, color 106(50 gms-163 yd), that dear friend gave to me. The colors are teals, greens and rich purple. Very Easter eggy and perfect for a lightweight, lacy scarf. Time to have a chat with Barbara Walker and see what I can find in one of her "Treasury" books.

I want something lacy without the discipline of a lace pattern. Big needles for speed. Silk can be heavy, so I want to see the pattern but without too much density. That's why I love faggoting (insert crude joke here). Faggoting is the most elemental form of lace and usually you make an increase--yarnover--which is immediately followed by a decrease--K2tog--all in one row. You can pop in regular knit stitches to create columns or just work the inc/dec for a very holey effect. This row can be all you need and Turkish Stitch is one of my favorites for making shawls with chunkier yarns (*yo, K2tog* add selvedge stitches if desired, work this every row).
Here's the pattern if you want to doodle with a stray skein.

(approx 4"x 48")
Yarn: Art Yarns regal Silk, 100% silk, 50gm, 163 yd., any worsted/aran will do
Needles, size 9mm/13 US
Gauge: not that crucial, here's mine: 3 st=1", 3 rows=1" in pattern stitch
Reverse herringbone faggoting: multiple of 4, *K2, yo, K2tog*

CO 13 stitches using backward loop or other very stretchy cast-on.
Knit one row.
Row 1: *K2, yo, K2tog*, K1.
Row 2: K2, P9, K2.

Continue until you have about 30 inches left of yarn. Bind off as follows:Using size 10mm/15US needle, *Bind off 2, make 1 and bind off* across row.

Options: The idea here is to take a worsted/aran weight yarn and jack it up on big needles. You may want to go down a needle size or two to tighten up the pattern. You can always cast on 4 extra stitches for each repeat. Say, you want a 6" wide scarf, then cast on 16+1. Or you could add more stitches to the sides i.e. 4+pattern stitches+4.
You could knit across row 2 for a garter stitch effect, this will make the scarf reversible. But it eats up a bit more yarn.

Fringe: Cut fringe lengths first, then start knitting. The scarf will not be as long.
Frills and doodads: You could thread ribbons across the bottom or across the length of the scarf for a 'maypole' effect. Sew beads along the bottom edges to add a little extra weight and sparkle.
Run a line of single crochet around the edges in a contrasting color for more oomph. This will add some stability to the shape.

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Bonnie said...

Interesting pattern. I have been trying to come up with a deconstructed lace look for a pesky yarn I have. This might help.