Friday, April 7

Wretched Excess and Cable Challenge

Wait until you see the price!!!

Lily Donaldson

Oscar Cable sweaterBergdorf Goodman ad, Sunday NYTimes

Now, normally I'm not a Gorton's sweater gal, but look at those juicy cables! How did they get them to be so poofy? I'd probably go for mock turtleneck neckline, myself.

A very helpful saleswoman at Bergdorf's gave me(yes, there were false pretences) the info:
100 % cashmere, handknit, $2250.

Well, let's see if we can do better. I'd calculate that this would take about 1,800 yds/aran wt. yarn for a women's medium. PurlSoho has the following;
Classic Elite Lavish, 100%cashmere, 50gms, 125 yds, sale $37.20--15 skeins, $535.68.
Classic Elite Luxury Allure, cashmere/angora/merino, 50gms, 110 yds, $25--17 skeins, $425.
Rowan Cash Soft Aran, merino/microfiber/cashmere, 50 gms, 95 yds, $9.50--19 skeins, $180.50.
Classic Elite Charmed, cashmere/mohair, 50gms, 130 yds, $18--14 skeins, $252.

This is just substituting cashmere blends. Anything, even the pearls of the Virgin, would be cheaper.
So, campers, who can chart this?
I'd love to do it but don't know if I'm cable literate enough to identify each set of cables. I could swing simple shaping. Sweater Project has a great cable calculator that switches written patterns into charts.
Wouldn't this be a great KAL? The "Oscar de la RipOff Cable Sweater KAL?" Whaddya think?

A few other items for your home decor:
Crochet rug, $11,580This rug, featured in the NYTimes Style Magazine, Spring 2006, costs $11,580.

Crochet rug detailBlurry detail of rug.

bronze-and-wool sheep 1965Bronze-and-wool sheep designed by Francois-Xavier Lalanne in 1965. According to the NYTimes Style magazine, some guy paid $380,000+ for a set of these sheep.


Annie said...

I'd be afraid to wear that sweater, I might break a sweat and ruin it!

HPNY Knits said...

it looks very different in the ad than on the model.
I think the yarn they buy has to be much cheaper (wholesale) but the time it takes to make? Who can calculate that? ( there are knitters out there who will pay you to work with cashmere...)

Momo said...

Fabulous pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Amy said...

I am in love with that rug!

Marji said...

ah, now I would do that sweater - However, COPYRIGHT issues are a big big thing these days, and even decoding someone elses design and making it violates copyright law. (big discussions on KR regarding same about 2 months ago).
so, wonder if the house of Oscar would have a fit if a bunch of internet connected knitters tried to duplicate his design?

Wannietta said...

Well, I guess if we aren't paid-in-pennies-Asian sweatshop employees we can't design a pattern or garment for sale, but if you're still doing a KAL I will make the time!

Katja said...

pick up an issue of german knitting magazine, Verena Stricken, Herbst 2007 (that is fall 2007 issue). there's a chart for it there! seriously! i'm about to finish my sweater from a blend of silk and baby alpaca. :)))

Cindy said...

A friend has asked me to knock off this sweater - but all she has is the newspaper clipping.

So I did some research - found this site, and the tip about Verena was a jackpot!

The sweater pattern with that cable is available for download from their site for $4.95. It's called "Monika" and the "cable" is horizontal in the sweater yoke.

But it's not actually a cable - it's a series of eyelets threaded with a separately-knit strip of fabric.

Eureka! My friend and I are going yarn shopping next week.

Her sweater won't be identical to Oscar's original - for one thing, it will actually fit her. And the neckline will be flattering for her figure type.

I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Thanks VERY MUCH for the information about Verena - you've saved me a lot of time.

Mary, Mary... said...

The pullover version is #14 in Verena, Herbst/Fall 2007. The same technique is charted in 'Monika' which can be bought on the Verena site. This makes a really dense knit, so knitter beware!