Tuesday, May 23

DPN: Deeply Personal Nirvana

The Little League play-offs are over, thank God. The teams have had their parties, the trophies handed out. School is winding down and I let the boys stay up late because it's still light outside and there's no homework. The thermometer is hitting 90 degrees and summer is here.

On Sunday I had my SnB group over but not before I tore around the yard weeding the flower beds. Nothing like having company over to make me lose all sense of priority. Homemade cookies, nah. Freshly made limeade? Yeah, right. No, I really hated to have the knitters think I was as lax with my gardening as I am about housework(a messy house is a badge of honor for most knitters in my experience, but the garden is a different matter). These beauties are from the seeds I brought back from Japan and they look just like the package--that never happens.

And while I was pulling a basketball out of the bushes, I discovered a bird's nest with hatchlings. This is a miracle after the tempest a couple of weeks ago. This nest is located directly behind the basketball hoop in our driveway. The parents are cardinals, a bird very dear to my heart. Bluejays and grackles are something else. My first thoughts were that this nest is in the danger zone bigtime. Then, I realized how smart the parents were in putting it there. It's near our yard and the dog, but he can't get to it. Because of the dog, the next door neighbor's cat won't come near it. The nest is fairly sheltered and very well camouflaged. I've forbidden the boys to play basketball and have posted signs on the garage saying "Careful! Bird's Nest in Bushes" so the neighborhood boys will take note. And the neighborhood boys are probably thinking, "Oh great, now we get crazy KnitterBirdLady on the corner. Hey, let's go meow like cats and see if she freaks out!"

Having a group of knitters over to the house was one big playdate. And this being their first time here, there was a grand tour with promises of the YarnCave being the final stop. Wow! Seeing those gals in the Cave was like watching my kids at BlazerTag--their eyes were darting around, fingers twitching, just trying to focus on one thing before spying another. I guess I've gotten almost immune to it, so it was a great joy to see their delight. It wasn't long before they're pulling skeins out with uncanny radar--the pashmina, the qiviut, the Zephyr laceweight. And then Entrelac spotted some stray roving that I had from my LYS shopgirl days. Next thing I know, she has spun and plied it... well, after Tex was caught foolin' around with the treadle. I gave the yarn a quick KoolAid dye job and look! Is that cool or what? I'm going to knit it up as a peace sign doodad for my Dye-o-Rama pal.

In order to cast on for the Dawn Brocco sherbet stripes pattern, I would have to use dpns and not my usual 12-inch circulars. I love my 12-inch Addis and it's one of the perks of having big feet--usually there are enough stitches to join in the round without any problems. Not this time. I toddled over to my LYS, gift certificate in hand, and gave the needle wall a good hard look. Now, my dpn history goes back to France where I picked a few sets on sale at the Phildar shop. They're metal, 8 inches long and heavy. I started a couple of socks but it was like knitting with shish kabob skewers. I became a needle bigot and nothing was going to change it. Even Clovers put me off--points get dulled and they drag.

What's this? Short lightweight Bryspun dpns? 5-inch Brittanys? Where have I been all this time? Where have THEY been? I mentioned that I should use Cascade Fixation but wasn't sure when the owner casually pointed out a new yarn that had just come in: Needful Yarns Dubai Stretch, 85%Viscose, 15% Elite pbt, whatever that is, 50gms=182 yds. And then there was this saucy little number winking at me: Bouton d'Or Nomade, 50%cotton, 50% modal, 50gms=115 yds, color Carmin--might just work for the pattern. I also picked up a copy of "Poetry in Stitches," because I really want Norsk Strikkedesign in English(my copy is in Norwegian, Oslo souvenir) and needed a Norwegian color fix. But I digress. The gift certificate lasted....8 days. I ran home, cast on with the Bryspuns and I have become a dpn lover. A bonafide Born Again DPN knitter. As for those nasty metal sticks, they'll come in handy for BBQ and voodoo dolls.

Plans are afoot for the unveiling of the SockBlog-NoRules-KAL. HPNY, Annie and I have been busy little bees getting it ready. Soon, my pretties, soon.
In the meantime, ladies, I PLEDGE!
LOBSTAH, you're next.
My apologies for the mix-up and any confusion it might have caused for crustaceans and vertebrates.


turtlegirl76 said...

Beautiful shots. You made some loverly selections with your GC.

Zonda said...

Great shots! Love all the colors! Your sock is looking good! :)

Annie said...

Warm and fuzzies! Warm and fuzzies! Almost finished with my current projects and ready to cast on...

craftybernie said...

Sounds like you all had fun on your playdate.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


lobstah said...

Uh oh...should I be worried??? Although I'm not sure you meant to link to me...I'm not Bonnie :) (cute name though).

Those Japanese flowers are spectacular!

HPNY Knits said...

Are these begonias? They look very robust, especially after the storm!!
Looking good with the DPN. I am down for the BBQ though...
Ready to pledge too!

lobstah said...

Properly identified and ready to pledge!

All I can picture is that scene from "Animal House" at the "serious" fraternity..."Thank you sir, may have another!"