Tuesday, May 16

I'm a Little DyePot

We're not a big Hallmark holiday family but the doubleheader of Mother's Day and my 18th wedding anniversary on May 14 meant I got charming cards from the boys and a gift certificate to my LYS(there were many dropped hints) from Mr. Mary. The little man told me that when he walked into Hill Country Weavers the owner looked up, smiled and asked, "Who sent you? Men are usually afraid to come in here." Heh-heh-heh, we women knitters really know how to make the menfolk walk on the wild side.

I plan to hoard that gift certificate until I can't stand it any longer and then I'll swoop in and succumb to the $ Fiesta Yarns handpainted bamboo that they got in a couple of weeks ago. We are not placing bets on how long I hold out.

One of my Sunday treats was to read the NYTimes at my leisure. What a waste of time. Every article pertaining to Mother's Day included the phrases 'bi-polar,' 'years of therapy,' 'prescription drugs,' and 'midnight trysts with Jack Daniels and Mr. Wilson.' OK, I made up the last one, but each mother-oriented piece was a downer. Perri Klass, the knitting pediatrician who writes for Knitter's Magazine, has a much better article in today's Times.

DYE-O-RAMA or Let's Watch Mary Torture Yarn:
I signed up for Dye-O-Rama where you dye a skein of sock yarn for your pal while out there someone else is doing the same for you. I ordered 4 skeins of a merino/tencel blend from Socks That Fit! OK, math whizzes, I know I need to dye only one skein but I wanted one for myself and the other two for insurance. And you'll see why...

Armed with a variety of Procion MX dyes and my yarn I set to work. Now, there are a bunch of photo tutorials so let's leave those details to the, ah, more technically abled. I knew my dye buddy likes orange, so I blobbed oranges, yellows, and pinks on a couple of the hanks and got this: Tequila Sunrise. Not bad if I do say so myself.
Gee, that was so easy why don't I kick it up a notch and go for self-striping? How cool would that be? And I know my pal has a thing for the Colinette AbFab throw in 'Antique.' I could dye up stripes in purples, pale pinks, faded olive and a touch of gold. I'll call it 'Mother's Day,' make a skein for myself and get all fuzzy thinking about that special time when I dyed this yarn.

Cue up the Danny Elfman soundtrack...first off, I walked across my living room about a thousand times to rewind the skein in 208 inch loops, then I tied off sections for the different stripes, plopped each section onto SaranWrap(don't get the kind with the dopey Slide 'n Cut Bar--pure evil), squirted colors onto the yarn, nuked it and let it stew. I didn't have the wherewithal to properly rewind the second skein, so I just tied off sections and figured this one will be 'Texas Crapshoot Stripes.'

This isn't 'Antique.' It's SHREIK.
Quick, kill it before it finds the pedigreed stash yarns and creates mutant ninja socks.
I made neon pink without even trying, nifty neato. The bronze is faded dust bunny, the greens and purples are too dark and the whole combo hurts my eyes. So, I overdyed both skeins with golden yellow and got this:
Now I feel better about the colors but the stripes are truly crapshoot deluxe. So, my dye buddy is getting the original Tequila Sunrise...the one I dyed before this madness took over my life, my kitchen and my yarncave.
I did dye a couple of other skeins in solids. This is some silk in pearl grey. Zee leetle monkee rows across the river Sticks in search of zee stash. Allez, mon petite singe, allez!


Annie said...

There is a sock yarn dye swap thing? Yee gads! Totally signing up for the next one. Your Tequila Sunrise is awesome, break out the sombrero and pass me a lime.

lobstah said...

Tequila sunrise yarn is soooo pretty! Me love!!
I must admit the Mother's Day special definitely looks better with the overdye. At least you were able to make it work.

turtlegirl76 said...

You know, I came thisclose to trying the self-striping yarn this weekend. Thinking about walking back and forth down my hallway trying to wind the yarn into even loops was enough to make me say "no no - solid". The overdyed attempt looks nice though. Too bad the first shot didn't turn out. The Tequila Sunrise is beautiful though! I love those colors!

HPNY Knits said...

you are a brave woman to dye! we have no room here to do that. maybe need to find a place outside, but you need to cook it. hmmmmmm.
yes- lets have or SOTMCWR. it will have nothing to do with any of the "other" KAL or SOMC, and anybody can join and NO RULES

Bonnie said...

"Who sent you....." Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! That is hilarious.