Tuesday, May 30

T Minus...

I can pack t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits and feminine hygiene products in my sleep, but every year I am faced with the glaring question: Which projects to take on vacation?

Last year, some needlepoint(yeah, right), watercolors(that was good for 2 days) and some knitting. I can't remember the knitting because it was thrown into the bag in a last minute swoop. I do remember knitting up a cabled scarf for our landlord in some really scratchy wool I picked up in Sardinia. I later made amends by sending him the same scarf done in cashmere(on sale at Anny Blatt factory outlet shop--believe me, you'll hear more about that in a couple of weeks).

I'm trying to be organized this year and here's the A-list;
Socks--enough yarn for 2 pairs because I can't make up my mind.
Blue Heron rayon/metallic for Raj shawl. Already started--could actually be worn on vacation if actually finished.
Giotto shrug. I am up to the sleeves and this is good airplane knitting--pretty simple.
Sunrise Circle Jacket--if I was an FO fiend I should take this. The likelihood of it being worn in the next 6 months is slim.
Somewhat Cowl--see above.
Euroflax Linen--this is the dark horse candidate because if I make a cute top, it will get worn immediately. Of course, I'm thinking of a lacy/corset/wench number which would involve, like paying attention. World Cup starts June 9--If Ronaldhino's not playing, I'm safe. Size 3 needles--not fast. Ronaldhino plays, then forget it.
Yarn to swatch and design big fat juicy cable sweater. I've got a bunch of Peruvian Collection Uros Aran...the Furlana is really soft...one is periwinkle blue, the other natural.....aaaargh!

OK, roughly three weeks to complete a pair of socks, one easy lace shawl, one shrug, possibly a lacy linen top and some swatches. And you call this a vacation?
I had better mention that all bets are off after my annual trip to the AnnyBlatt/Bouton d'Or wonderland. I return to the house where I spend days alternating between swooning and petting my new found treasures. Mr. Mary(a seasoned pro) brings me a restorative glass of local plonk and reminds me that I have not spoken to our guests in about 2 days. Really, do these people expect me to entertain them when I just got the deal of the century? Go visit a vineyard or something. Here, I just found a brochure on some neato ruins. Now take off!

Oh, right, where was I? Packing.

I completely forgot the Hana silk top!


Annie said...

Um, I'd bring them all. Heh. Actually, ok, seriously....socks are a must, small and easy to carry around. SCJ because it has some mindless knitting yet you can multitask, so you know, drink wine and eat cheese. And maybe *gasp* that's it. It's FRANCE, yo, you should be eating croissants and stuff. Plus, you are going to Anny Blatt. Find some french fiber and start a While In France project.

There's my 2 cents. Wee wee!

Annie said...

Do you think you will get time to knit while on vacation? You have quite a list there.

Alice said...

I am not a great knitter, but these projects all sound fabulous. It's like working in a sandwich bar but reading a cordon bleu cookbook during breaks. And your photos are gorgeous too.

Hilde C. said...

I understand you have a hard time right now with all these choices. I hope your holiday will be really really nice :-)

Tanya said...

I love that thing at the top - I'm guessing it's the Giotto shrug?

Have a great vacay!

Anonymous said...

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