Friday, May 12

Take Yer Time, Mon*

The drone of chainsaws is in the background as the Stump Grinders gang gets to work. Soon our yard will be restored to its former weedy glory.

*Spoken to my then 4-year old as he raced towards the ocean and did a huge faceplant in the sand in Providenciales.

Jamaica Tank: DONE!
Katia Jamaica cotton, color 4002, size 7 needles, 5st=1" after washing, 220 gms total(2.2 skeins). My own design.

The bottom still flared out after washing it in hot water, so I was faced with a dilemma: either I take out the seams and redo them OR just whip out the old sewing machine and sew up the little buggers in a straight line. I opted for the more daring approach and sewed up the sides, zigzagged on either side of the seam and cut off the excess. This trick wouldn't work as well on a chunkier yarn, but comes in handy with a worsted or lighter weight yarn. I almost always use mattress stitch for my seams but, yes, people, you can sew up your knitting--just don't tell the Finishing Police.
A row of single crochet around the top and two rows of single crochet on the bottom with some Jo Sharp Desert Garden cotton tidies it up nicely, don't you think?

Poor old Sunrise Circle Jacket and Somewhat Cowl are languishing in WIP purgatory but they'll get done eventually. I've learned that knitting is not a race and that some projects fly off the needles while others take their own sweet time. KALs with a deadline may not be a good idea for my ADHD style of knitting. I see other blogs with loads of finished objects and I think, "Wow, now that's an A-to-B knitter." Especially with the lace crowd. I tend to zig and zag amongst my projects like a little bee happily landing on the next pretty flower. Ok, maybe that's a bit smarmy....more like a spastic 7-year old all hopped up on Dr. Pepper with a pocketful of tokens in a video arcade.

Speaking of instant gratification or lack thereof.... While the rest of you were reading "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life" last night, I was looking over my 1956 Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 51 with a calculator, a skein of Colinette Giotto and pair of size 11 needles in hand. How about a summer shrug? It's done in one piece--yay--double moss stitch. I'll skip the fringe. The model is Joan Crawford scary but at least you can see the piece.(UNLIKE the current trend in various knitmags and books that think we're all knitting anoxerics with great cheekbones and long legs--don't get me started)
And here's a little eye candy for Friday Fun.


HPNY Knits said...

Katia Jamaica is very successful!! hooray for improvising when you need to, what ever works is my motto.
Are these gorgeous close-ups with the new camera??

egeria said...

Beautiful eye-candy! My keyboard is covered in drool now!

Annie said...

Hot mama! And love the yarn porn. woo hoo! You go with yer bad-ass self!

lobstah said...

Jamaica tank is givin' me good vibes, mon! (sorry that was so cheesy!) It looks great, though!

fitknit said...

Oh no! I didn't even know there were Finishing Police. I'm doomed, DOOMED!!!