Wednesday, May 10

Weekend Update

Whew! I've been busier than a credit card at a yarn shop closing.
Thursday: A one-night performance of 'The Tempest' wreaks havoc on Austin.
Friday: Two of our trees have landed in Mr. Wilson's pool, his trees have taken down the other neighbor's power lines and ripped the electrical boxes off the side of her house. She and I have had clinched teeth dealings with Wilson in the past. Remember the tough girls in high school who would snap their gum with a mile long stare? Well, that's pretty much how we interact with Wilson. Now we're all in UN negotiation mode.

The other crazy thing that happened on Friday was that I got over 200 hits on my blog. At first, I thought the Weather Channel or Shrinks Without Borders had linked me. Then I checked my site meter stats and realized that the Aranknit group on Yahoo had obviously posted a link to my Oscar de la Renta sweater post and were frantically charting it. Good Luck, AranKnitters, whoever you are!
Cable News: I've gotten a couple of e-mails from people as a result of the AranKnitter frenzy and I'm planning to chart and design a streamlined version of that sweater. This will not happen overnight people, so be patient. I think I may have something by the end of July.

Saturday: My in-laws arrive for their first visit to our new house and to celebrate Bandit's first communion.(Cuba beat Texas in the religion play-offs a couple of years ago.) I make my annual batch of fried chicken with collard greens, cheese grits, lemon chess pie aided by a couple of belts of Knob Creek bourbon. Yes, I did all the cooking, now quit gasping.

Sunday: First communion goes off without a hitch, meaning Bandit didn't step in dog poop or drip juice on his white shirt. Boys are ecstatic after trip to Best Buy for more PSP games and the in-laws(relieved that we don't live in a neighborhood with trucks on cinder blocks or pit bulls) announce that they'd love to take the boys for 2 weeks in July. Let me repeat: TWO WEEKS. NO KIDS. 168 hours of potential knitting.
Monday: I field calls from the insurance company, the fence company, my tree removal guy and Kofi Annan.

But, as HPNY says, 'when the going gets tough, the tough get knitting.' So, let's take a gander...

My first pair of socks! Interlacements Toasty Toes, Nancy Bush's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns basic sock, size 3 needles--should have used size 2s for a snugger fit. This has excited me so much that I now have enough sock yarn to outfit the Russian Army in 1812. Then there's the lovely yarn that I got from Red Bird Knits--Laceweight wool/silk hand dyed by Kathryn Thomas, color 'mineral' and Scaefer Yarn Anne merino superwash, color 'Earth#2.'

I'm planning ahead for autumn with the former becoming a lacy cardigan and the latter a pair of basketcase socks. So this sock thing has gotten a bunch of us knitbloggers in a tizzy. So much so that we're thinking of starting a group sock blog. We know that there's a few out there already but this would be pretty much a no rules deal with the idea that you try to knit up a pair every month. Everyone could use different patterns, different yarns, post what they like and don't like about their projects and swap tips. Anyone interested? I'll keep you posted and check comments to see who else is game.
I'm almost finished with the Jamaica tank. I have to shock it in the washing machine, let it dry and then crochet an edge all around it. It's a little big on the bottom but we'll see what kind of shrinkage I get after the wash.
New Toy--an Olympus Evolt E-33o digital SLR camera. So far, I'm still reading the manual and trying to figure out manual macro settings for extra yummy yarnprOn. I hope to have some eye candy by Friday unless I'm documenting more storm damage...


lobstah said...

I think you need to have a block party and get Mr. Wilson hammered. Throw in a few gassed-up chain saws for extra fun!

I'll join up on a group sock blog (even though I only make like 2 pairs a year...maybe I'll make more this way)

HildeC said...

Lovely flowers, and all that lovely yarn. It seems that knitting socks is so addictive, that I'm afraid to try ;-)

I hope the UN negotiation will work out :-)

HPNY Knits said...

very comfy socks and delicious yarn baby! good pose. how did you get such a good angle to shoot the socks, or the elf helped?
insurance company- I have nothing nice to say about them- so I will not- but go after them!!!

Mary, Mary... said...

Tripod and self-timer. I'm becoming the Cindy Sherman of socks.