Friday, June 30

If it's Friday, we must be in...Austin

Sundara Yarns Petals Collection 'Calla Lily'

Sundara Yarn Petals Collection 'Calla Lily'

As you can tell, I am quite fond of pink and green. When these beauties arrived the other day, I thought "Sundara is speaking to me. She has a direct line to my sock yarn stash and sees what I need to be complete, to be inspired, to be blissful." Then the boys started bickering, the phone rang, and my reverie was broken. Vacation's over, lady.

I will place these skeins in a vase and gaze upon their loveliness while I cast on for the TourdeFrance KAL on Knitty. I'm thinking Eunny's Print O'The Wave stole...or just finish the 3 or 4 WIPs that are sullenly awaiting their fate, trapped in tote bags around the house.

Personally, I think the photo is so-so, but wanted to post a little something for Friday. And, so I'll remember those recent happy, carefree days with a first--a cat photo. This is our landlord's cat, Toots, improving an already gorgeous landscape.


HPNY Knits said...

the yarn is fab!
just need more time for knitting!

Hilde C. said...

Mmmmmmm, those colours are beautiful :-)

Zonda said...

Oh that is some gorgeous yarn!! Looks so soft! I bet you'll love knitting it!

Annie said...

Woo hoo, so pretty! Come join the Petals Collection Knitalong! (One more knitalong can't hurt...only help!)

lobstah said...

Aww, I love the kitty picture! But then I am one of those crazy cat ladies...

Bonnie said...

You had me at sock yarn stash, the cute kitty picture was pure gravy!

Anonymous said...


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