Wednesday, June 7

The Knitter Has Landed

We blew through Paris but not before having an incredible dinner at La Table De Joel Robuchon. Patricia Wells wrote a cookbook with Robuchon ages ago that we have used and enjoyed for just as long. Now, the chef has come out of semi-demi-retirement and has opened a small, exquisite little gem of a spot in the 7th arrondisement. Celebrating our...anniversary?...the end of school? one threw up on the plane?, we had the tasting menu which gave a clear sampling of why Robuchon still has the master touch. I won't go into every single dish, but this is the kind of cuisine that involves about 20 people just to get it to the table. And this is why I'll pay the pearls of the Virgin to eat at this level. For an evening, a brief moment, we tasted the equivalent of Matisse, Pagnol and Starck on a plate. And the French are the only people that can make aspic, well, sexy.

OK, here's the list:
Giotto shrug
Euroflax linen
Blue Heron Rayon Metallic for shawl

I have almost finished the shrug or vice versa--I know I'm going to run out of the Giotto--just a few yards short. Arrrgh! It's ok, as I wanted to finish it off with a crochet edge and that would have to wait anyway. I bought a bag of Phildar Phil Jeans (cotton/acrylic) for about $2.40 a ball. It's in camouflage colors and perfect for Tex who dreams up different ways of killing things when he's not absorbed in Star Wars. I found the yarn on a table next to the tube socks and undies between the cheese lady and the sausage guy. Hey, you can even get espadrilles for $7.

We also made a stop at the Monoprix in Arles. Monoprix is the French Target and one of the high points of my vacation. There's always something really cute and cheap...zippy plastic plates done in a Hawaiian print or stripey t-shirts. They do carry yarn and usually I pass because the colors aren't right, the gauge is too heavy or light or it's too ick. Well, little Miss Stash Queen gave that yarn a once over.. and over again. I'm not sure what happened but all I know is that a bag of Acrylique Perle made it into the trunk of the car. I know you're all sniggering and saying oh, fine, it's acrylique and Red Heart is just acrylic..what's the diff?

But Red Heart never had colors like this--provencal blue, medium olive green, plum, fuchsia and deep marine blue. The gauge is finer--about 7/8 st, size 4. It's perfect for me to experiment with Norweigian colorwork without ruining my alpaca/merino or Svale. Maybe I'll come up with some cicada/cigale and olive motifs and hopefully knock off a couple of Christmas presents. Hey, I'm a fiber snob, even when it comes to acrylic, oops, acrylique.

Monday: The big road trip to AnnyBlatt/Bouton D'Or factory outlet shop. I'll try to see if I can post pix..if not I'll have to torture you with descriptions usually found in magazines with brown paper wrappers. A bientot!


HPNY Knits said...

hey girlfriend! that meal sounds divine! I'll have to tell my brother (who lives in Paris) to make sure we go there, when I go to visit him on the week of July 4!
knitting plans full speed ahead, wow. how is the countryside?

Annie said...

Joel Robuchon, hooray! We went to his other new place, it was right next to our hotel, just can't remember the name. Be sure to check out the place Hila told me about - La Draguerie- yarn shop in Paris9-11, rue du Jour Paris 75001
01-45-08-93-27. And if you have a chance, HIGHLY recommend dinner at Guy Savoy. Can't wait to see your photos!!!