Thursday, June 15

Vini, Vidi, Went Wild

I'd normally regale you with choice moments from the past week, but with a dial-up connection and a French keyboard I'll skip the color commentary and cut to the chase:

On Monday, I made my annual piligrimage to the Pierre de Loye factory to worship at the AnnyBlatt/Bouton d'Or outlet shop and leave offerings on my Visa card. If you're going there, just drive to the Arc de Triomphe, park in the municipal lot and look hard for the tiny Anny Blatt sign. This year was different as I had a list from my knitting group and a price list that I had downloaded from Yarndex. I knew the prices were good, but wanted to make sure it wasn't just the thrill of not getting lost again that made me load up.

Sorry--pix will have to wait until I get back.

Here are a few teasers--you'll have to figure out the dollar/euro conversions. Euro amounts are the sale prices. Grab your calcualtors, gals!

Kanpur silk, $24....4 euros
Pirouli cotton $13...3 euros
Victoria $16...2.5 euros
Arpege mohair $16...4 euros
Nomade cotton/modal $12...2.5 euros
New Bamboo $12...3 euros--this is a new yarn for them and I snagged a bag in 'eucalypte,' a sage green, yummy.
Merinosoie...5 euros
Louxor cotton...2.5 euros

I felt it was my knitterly duty to buy as much on the list as I could. After all, I was saving everyone else the trip. I bought a bag of Nomade--I had a couple of skeins that were originally slotted for socks. Now, I've got enough for a top and/or jacket. I also went into another coma and emerged with a huge bag of Arpege mohair in color 'chataigne.' This is a dark ,dark cocoa bean brown. I bought some purply brown Victoria to go with it--this could be a car coat with some hot pink, mustard yellow and olive green embroidery or intarsia. Remember the YSL Russian look back in the late 70's? Something like that.


I am up to chart 4 on the Fiddlesticks Raj shawl with Blue Heron rayon/metallic and it's humming along nicely. This has turned out to be a great World Cup project as the pattern is pretty repetitive. Our French is improving as we watch the games on Canal+ and we absorb the French commentary by osmosis. Frappe is not a drink but a collision and Bresil means total world domination...if Ronaldo and Ronaldhino eat their Wheaties. Allez les Bleues! (it's the only chant we know, thanks to all the commercials)


Hilde C said...

Sounds like you are having a great time in France. I'm looking forward to see the pictures :-)

minerva said...

this blog makes me knit my brows

Ulrika said...

Do you still have some of that arpege chataigne mohair? I desperately need some to finnish a cardigan that I started. If you have some left, could I buy it from you?

Ulrika in Alsace

Mary, Mary... said...

How much do you need? I have quite a bit in my stash. Email me at