Wednesday, June 28


Here's some pix of my summer vacation. My Flickr page has more yarn shots. Regular, boring non-yarn pictures will appear when I get up tomorrow at 4:30 am. Who hid the #@*! Ambien?
Hockney inspired pool shot
Eucalypte New Bamboo with Olive Branches

Monoprix Perle Acrylique and garden chair
Triomphe with Raj Shawl


aija said...

Great photos!!

Hilde C. said...

Those are the best vacation pictures I've ever seen!!!! You are an inspiration! Looks like you've had a great time in France :-)

lobstah said...

Wonderful pictures as usual, and I'm glad you made it back safely!
And yes, it's crazy that France won that game!

Bonnie said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to read and see more!

HPNY Knits said...

welcome back!
that blue of the pool looks delicious- and the yarn looks yum. great pix!

Annie said...

LOVE the pool shot! Very pretty yarn pictures. Hooray for Mary!